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Technics PE-IIA System

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Technics PE-IIA System
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Technics PE-IIA System

The PE-IIA is a basic system and is intended for the use of etching (isotropically) dielectrics, cleaning and ashing. It has a 16" anodized aluminum chamber with 2 channels of mass flow control and 40 kHz power supply (625 Watts). It includes an 11 CFM direct drive corrosive series mechanical pump with Fomblin oil and all connection fittings (including one 1 ?" x 40" long convoluted bellows with KF-40 flanges on each end). This system will accept up to six 4" wafers and controls the temperature of the upper electrode to ambient by way of water cooling. This system comes with 2 each, 0-100 SCCM range (unless specified differently) channels of mass flow (automatic flow controllers). This is a table top system and the upper electrode is driven. It includes:

  • Chamber re-annodized as new
  • Host computer control (see computer software/hardware description)
  • Advanced Energy PE-1000 625 Watt low frequency power supply (40 kHz) driving the upper electrode
  • Capacitance monometer (10 Torr head)
  • 2 mass flow controllers
  • Mechanical pump, corrosive series, 11 CFM (w/ fomblin oil and all necessary fittings for complete installation)
  • KF-40 convoluted bellows (for connecting pump to system)
  • Facilities works to be carried out by customer according to the system specifications (see facilities drawing)
  • Legal copy of Windows NT 4.0 Disk Operating System
  • System Manual (notebook form as well as on CD)
  • Operational software written in Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Intelligent Instruments notebook manual (computer I/O Cards)

The PETS PE-IIA is based on an upper electrode (water cooled) and upper gas entry ring design. This system design allows for temperature control (as long as a closed loop temperature controlled re-circulator is installed otherwise it is ambient temperature) of the upper electrode and baseplate (chiller is not included).

This system will be warranted for six months, including parts and labor from the day of shipment.


One day of training and/or commissioning is included in this quote (one day total that can be used for training or commissioning). There are several options available if needed for your process.


  • Level 1 spares kit $921.15
  • Additional AFC's $1,500.00

Included is a copy of each of the following:

  • PE system data sheet (which also includes other system options)
  • Facilities drawing - S12-0627 (which specifies all facility requirements)
  • Process information

As well as the PE-IIA we have available both the Technics PE-500-II and the Mercator LF-5 plasma system.

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Technics PE-IIA System