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Advanced Energy AE HFV-8000 RF Power Supply: 3155083-111

Manufacturer Part Number: 3155083-111
Price: $7,500.00
Advanced Energy AE HFV-8000 RF Power Supply: 3155083-111
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Advanced Energy AE HFV-8000 RF Power Supply: 3155083-111

Advanced Energy AE HFV-8000

Used primarily as a plasma generator for 200 and 300 mm wafer processing, flat panel display (FPD), and DVD equipment, the flexible HFV generator offers process consistency for ionized physical vapor deposition (IPVD), CVD, and etch. This versatile power generator’s features include digitally synthesized variable-frequency output and microprocessor control, with output power levels of 5 and 8 kW. In addition, it delivers an output frequency range of 1.765 to 2.165 MHz. Frequency tuning parameters that reside in firmware may be customized to ensure repeatable operation with a wide variety of chamber configurations and process recipes.

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Output regulation modes The HFV generator provides forward power and load (delivered) power regulation modes, as measured at the RF output.
Interface configurations The HFV generator has a 15-pin analog Generator User port for generator control. A 9-pin serial Host port (RS- 232, RS-422, and RS-485 compatible) is available for pre-selecting the frequency or frequency tuning algorithm. You can access the 9-pin Host port through a rear panel access cover
Host port control features The Host port controls the frequency and frequency tuning algorithm, along with other control features
RF output operating conditions To achieve RF output, ensure the following conditions are met: • External interlock loop closed (less than 15 Ω in series path) • RF output cover firmly attached • Front panel Standby switch in the Standby (up) position • No faults present (Front Panel Fault indicator should be off) • No chamber arcing present • Set point signal > 220 mV (Generator User port) • RF Enable command present
Cooling The HFV generator is water-cooled to allow operation in a clean room environment. The HFV generator will not reduce performance when the inlet water temperature is +15°C to +30°C (59°F to 86°F) and the flow rate is 11.4 lpm (3 gpm) or greater. All supplied water connections should be 9.53 mm (3/8′′ ) ID or larger water lines. Keep the incoming and outgoing water lines as short as possible and the outlet back-pressure minimized. In addition, you may purchase an optional water solenoid to control water flow. A valve automatically opens during RF power delivery and closes 30 minutes after the last RF off command. An electrical connector is located on the rear panel for this option. To order the optional solenoid, contact AE Global Customer Support
Size 13.3 cm (H) x 43.2 cm (W) x 51.4 cm (D) 5.25′′ (H) x 17.0′′ (W) x 20.25′′ (D). Allow 10.16 cm (4.0′′ ) additional depth for line cord service loop (right-hand side of rear panel). Allow 3.81 cm (1.50′′ ) additional depth for the RF output cover (left-hand side of rear panel). Allow 11.94 cm (4.7′′ ) additional depth for the optional water solenoid.
Weight 34 kg (75 lb) maximum
Connector/cable specifications
RF output SQSTM female connector
AC input power 4-wire cord, 10 mm (8 AWG), 60 cm (2’) long (the ground wire is an additional 55.8 cm [22"] longer). Each conductor has #10 ring lugs installed
Generator User port 15-pin, shielded, female, subminiature-D
Host port 9-pin, shielded, female, subminiature-D
Coolant 3/8′′ stainless steel, female NPT

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Advanced Energy AE HFV-8000 RF Power Supply: 3155083-111