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Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Active

90 Day Warranty

Manufacturer Part Number: 3152012-000
Price: $4,500.00
Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Active
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Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Active Standard Z Model 3152194-005

This unit has a standard-z output transformer and software.

Output Impedance Range

Each MDX is equipped with a built in impedance matching transformer. These tap-selectable transformers are available in high Z, standard Z or low Z configurations. With the proper transformer and tap, load impedances requiring voltages from 400 V to 1,250 V can be accommodated.

Output Regulation

The MDX can be used as a power, current or voltage source, depending on the method of output regulation selected. Since setpoint levels are stored in nonvolatile memory, they can be used in recovering from input power interruptions and to ensure repeatability from run to run.

The MDXL is DC magnetron source by rectifying a switching frequency of 17 - 31 kHz. The Sparc-le integrates into existing systems with both old and new MDX products.

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Electrical Input

  • Line: 208V +/-10%, 3 phase, 5 wire, 50/60 Hz, 40A

10 kW Standard Z, one of three taps

  • 600V @ 20A, 25 Ohm load
  • 800V @ 16A, 39 Ohm load
  • 1000V @ 12.5A, 69.5 Ohm load

Standard Features

  • Regulation mode: Power, Voltage or Current selectable by user.
  • 1550V open circuit
  • Host computer control via RS232 Interface
  • Remote control (analog inputs)
  • Kilowatt hour counter (up to 8 targets)
  • Run time counter
  • Run time timer
  • Out of setpoint timer
  • Key controlled mode switch (lockable off position)
  • UHF connector provided (PL259)

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Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Active Standard Z

3152012-025  MSTR
3152012-041  MSTR AMAT
3152012-043  SLV AMAT
3152012-090  200V LZ SLV DELTA
3152012-095  LZ SLV DELTA
3152012-096  200V LZ PFP MSTR DELTA 
3152012-097  LZ MSTR DELTA
3152012-102  200V SLV DELTA
3152012-103  PFP DELTA
3152012-106  200V MSTR DELTA
3152012-107  200V MSTR DELTA ESTOP 
3152012-112  200V LZ MSTR NO E-STOP DLTA 
3152012-129  LZ MSTR
3152012-130  200V HZ SLV DELTA
3152012-137  SLV DSI
3152012-157  HZ MSTR DELTA
3152012-162  208V DELTA SLAVE TAP2

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