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Advanced Energy MDX-10K Master

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Manufacturer Part Number: 3152012-041
Advanced Energy MDX-10K Master
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Advanced Energy MDX-10K Master

USED Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Standard Z Model 3152012-041

A passive front panel replaces the standard front panel and the new mother PCB has been added to allow the use of a mini panel or a remote front panel.

An interlocked rear panel, interface PCB and contactor disable mode have been included for Applied Materials.

The supply has been configured as a master and requires an interconnect cable and correct software to change to a 15k or larger system. A 15 pin cheater plug has been added to override the out of setpoint signal that normally comes from the slave. The out-of-setpoint timer has been preset to 20.4 seconds.

Output Impedance Range

Each MDX is equipped with a built in impedance matching transformer. These tap-selectable transformers are available in high Z, standard Z or low Z configurations. With the proper transformer and tap, load impedances requiring voltages from 400 V to 1,250 V can be accommodated.

Output Regulation

The MDX can be used as a power, current or voltage source, depending on the method of output regulation selected. Since setpoint levels are stored in nonvolatile memory, they can be used in recovering from input power interruptions and to ensure repeatability from run to run.

The MDXL is DC magnetron source by rectifying a switching frequency of 17 - 31 kHz. The Sparc-le integrates into existing systems with both old and new MDX products.

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Specifications MDX 5K MDX 10K MDX 15K MDX 20K MDX 25K MDX 30K
Input voltages 200 or 208 VAC rms ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, three-phase "Y" connection; maximum ground leakage current less than 3.5 mA
Input current 200 or 208 VAC full load
Maximum current (at -10% input line voltage) 19 A 38 A 57 A 76 A 95 A 114 A
Output power 0-5000 W 0-10,000 W 0-15,000 W 0-20,000 W 0-25,000 W 0-30,000 W
Chassis per system 1 2 3
Output ripple voltage (% rms) 5 2
Output ripple frequency 50 kHz 100 kHz
Output display accuracy Within 2% of actual output level or 0.2% of maximum rated output level, whichever is greater
Target accumulator Target life is displayed in 1-kWl increments; the counter is updated every 4.7 ms
Methods of control Full or restricted access, local or remote control, programmed or manual operation
Output connector UHF type, Amphenol part number 83-822 (mate supplied) or terminal block
Output cable RG-8U coaxial cable and/or discrete cables
Size 7" (H) x 19" (W) X 19" (D) (17.8 cm x 48.3 cm x 48.3 cm)
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg) 71 lbs (32.3 kg)        
Ambient temperature
    Operating Minimum 0°C, maximum 40°C (maximum value of average over 24 hr.:35°C). If the units are enclosed in cabinets, the operator will ascertain the temperature at the place of instalation and ensure that the macimum ambient temperature is not exceeded.
    Storage Minimum -25°C, maximum 55°C
    Transportation Minimum -25°C, maximum 55°C (for short periods of up to 24 hr., the maximum is 70°C)
Coolant temperature Air (gas) minimum 0°C, maximum 35°C
Coolant flow parameters
Contamination Cooling air should be free of corrosive vapors and particles, conductive particles, and particles that could become conductive after exposure to moisture.
Humidity 15-85% relative humidity; no condensation or icing
Atmospheric pressure
    Operating 800 mbar minimum (approx. 2,000 m above sea level)
    Transportation 660 mbar minimum (approx. 3,265 m above sea level)
Maximum output current: low impedance ("Low Z")
    Tap 1 / 0 to 500 V output range 12.50 A 25.00 A 37.50 A 50.00 A 62.50 A 75.00 A
    Tap 2 / 0 to 640 V output range 10.00 A 20.00 A 30.00 A 40.00 A 50.00 A 60.00 A
    Tap 3 / 0 to 800 V output range 7.75 A 15.50 A 23.50 A 31.00 A 38.75 A 46.50 A
Maximum output current: standard impedance ("Standard Z")
    Tap 1 / 0 to 600 V output range 10.00 A 20.00 A 30.00 A 40.00 A 50.00 A 60.00 A
    Tap 2 / 0 to 800 V output range 8.00 A 16.00 A 24.00 A 32.00 A 40.00 A 48.00 A
    Tap 3 / 0 to 1,000 V output range 6.25 A 12.50 A 18.75 A 25.00 A 31.25 A 37.50 A
Maximum output current: high impedance ("High Z")
    Tap 1 / 0 to 775 V output range 8.00 A 16.00 A 24.00 A 32.00 A 40.00 A 48.00 A
    Tap 2 / 0 to 1,000 V output range 6.40 A 12.80 A 19.20 A 25.60 A 32.00 A 38.40 A
    Tap 3 / 0 to 1,250 V output range 5.00 A 10.00 A 15.00 A 20.00 A 25.00 A 30.00 A

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USED Advanced Energy AE MDX-10K DC Magnetron Master Active Standard Z

3152012041 / 3152012-041