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Advanced Energy MDX-1.5K

Manufacturer Part Number: 3152240-007
Advanced Energy MDX-1.5K
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Advanced Energy MDX-1.5K

USED Advanced Energy AE MDX-1.5K DC Magnetron Power Supply

Output Impedance Range

Each MDX is equipped with a built in impedance matching transformer. These tap-selectable transformers are available in high Z, standard Z or low Z configurations. With the proper transformer and tap, load impedances requiring voltages from 400 V to 1,250 V can be accommodated.

Output Regulation

The MDX can be used as a power, current or voltage source, depending on the method of output regulation selected. Since setpoint levels are stored in nonvolatile memory, they can be used in recovering from input power interruptions and to ensure repeatability from run to run.

Advanced Energy AE MDX-1.5K

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Input voltage 208 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Input current 8 A nominal at 1.5 kW (full power), 0.92 power factor, 15 A circuit breaker
Output power     0-1,500 W
Output voltage 0-750 V, 1,200 V open circuit voltage
Output current     0-2 A
Cooling 0-45°C ambient. Three inches of clearance to the rear and one side of unit is required.
Humidity 0-92% non-condensing

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USED Advanced Energy AE MDX-1.5K DC Magnetron Power Supply
3152240007 / 3152240-007  750V/2A BLK 10V USER 
3152164000 / 3152164-000  FINAL ASSY 
3152164004 / 3152164-004  200V 
3152164005 / 3152164-005  750V/2A 
3152164014 / 3152164-014  BLACK 
3152164015 / 3152164-015  750V/2A BLK 
3152164016 / 3152164-016  750V/2A N BLK 
3152164022 / 3152164-022  TB FLT BLK  
3152240002 / 3152240-002  EUR BLK/BLK 
3152240003 / 3152240-003  750V/2A EUR BLK/BLK 
3152240004 / 3152240-004  HZ EUR BLK/BLK 
3152240008 / 3152240-008  UHF EUR PT BLK/BLK 
3152282000 / 3152282-000  DUAL TAP