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Advanced Energy PE-1000

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Manufacturer Part Number: 3157501-009
Advanced Energy PE-1000
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Advanced Energy PE-1000

USED Advanced Energy AE PE-1000 RF Power Supply

The Advanced Energy PE Power Pack is configured with slaves for additional power.

ASTECH ATL-100RA are match networks in stock.

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Controlling modes Local (through the front panel, remote (through the User 1/0 port)
Control signal sources Power output can be controlled by internal analog signals entered from the front panel, or by external analog signals provided from the user 1/0 port
Power output Low frequency output controlled in the constant power mode
Interlock supervision When connected to a safety switch, the interlock string disables the unit if a problem occurs
Status indicators LED's on front panel show status of interlocks, output enable, plasma ignition, and setpoint level. Remote or local control is also shown
Fault conditions Overtemperature and arc are the conditions that shut off the output power
Load-matching transformer     Optional load-matching transformer. The transformer's taps allow the PE to efficiently transfer power to a wide range of loads
Input voltage 115 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz single phase
Input current 13 A nominal (full power, each box) 0.70 power factor
Output power 1,250 kW at 550 V nominal output
Output frequency 50 kHz ± 100 Hz
Cooling 0°C to 45°C ambient; 9 inches of clearance to rear of unit required; 1 inch clearance on sides and top of unit
Humidity 0-92%, noncondensing

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USED Advanced Energy AE PE-1000 RF Power Supply

3157501000 / 3157501-000  PE-1000  40KHz
3157501005 / 3157501-005  PE-1000  40KHz
3157501009 / 3157501-009  PE-1000  40KHz 220V
3157501024 / 3157501-024  PE-1000  40KHz
3157502000 / 3157502-000  PE-1000  40KHz 208V
3157502005 / 3157502-005  PE-1000  40KHz 230V