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Advanced Energy VHF-2060

Manufacturer Part Number: 3150852-004
Price: $3,600.00
Advanced Energy VHF-2060
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Advanced Energy VHF-2060

USED Advanced Energy AE VHF-2060 RF Power Generator

Advanced Energy AE VHF 2060 generator, is a 60MHz RF generator capable of providing 2,000 W into a 50 Ω non-reactive load. The generator provides high accuracy forward power regulation and incorporates internal protection limits permitting safe and reliable operation into all load conditions.

Advanced Energy AE VHF-2060

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  • Frequency: 60 MHz
  • Full Rated Output Power: 2,000 W minimum into a 50 Ω non-reactive load
  • Line Voltage: 170 to 250 VAC
  • Line Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz
  • Line Current: 16 A max (at full rated RF output power)
  • Over-current protection: fuses

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USED Advanced Energy AE VHF-2060 RF Power Generator

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