Dual lobe blowers operating on the Roots principle produce conveying pulsations due to their design, which can be detrimental not only to the blower itself but also to the conveying pipe work.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik have developed a system that has almost eliminated these pulsations at source. To achieve this a three lobe blower having two channels cast into the cylinder wall controls the backstream of gas into the cylinder. Sound waves produced by the backstream cancel most of those produced by the blower.

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AERZEN Roots blowers are distinguished by the letter "G." The subsequent letters "L" or "M" indicate the direction of flow. The numbers, e.g. "14.9," indicate the model size. The letters "HV" following mean "high vacuum" and the letter "M" following means "with auxiliary inlet."

The radial sealing rings run on a hardened and ground shaft protection sleeve. The oil chamber ensures that the radial sealing rings are vacuum-tight and have a long service life. The level of sealing oil can be checked visually through the transparent oil tank. Oil must be always be present.

External machined parts are coated with rust preventing varnish, and the inlet and outlet flanges are fitted with plastic caps to prevent the entry of dirt and water spray.