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Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701 Controller - NEW

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Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701 Controller - NEW
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Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701 Controller - NEW

Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller - NEW

Agilent Turbo-V 551 and 701 rack controllers are microprocessor-controlled frequency converters with self-diagnostics and protection features that ensure the highest degree of reliability. The compact, ½ rack unit has a multifunction alphanumeric display for pump status and error code diagnostics. The front panel has a two-line dot matrix LCD display with back lighting, which displays rotational speed, current, power, and bearing temperature. The microprocessor acts as a pump cycle log, and can display the number of vacuum cycles, the cycle time for the current cycle, and the total pump operating hours. Remote operation can be accomplished with logic level contact closures and with optional computer interfaces. PCB controllers are available. Please contact Agilent for details.

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Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701

Specifications TV 551 TV 701

100 ÷ 240 VAC (±10 %), 1-phase
50 to 60 Hz
800 VA maximum
    Power during pump ramp-up
    Power normal (pump water cooled)
    Power normal (pump air cooled)

430 W maximum
350 W maximum
220 W maximum

430 W maximum
350 W maximum
250 W maximum
Operating temperature +5°C to + 45°C
Storage temperature -20°C to + 70°C
Fuse 2 x T10 AH (slow blow) 250 V 5x20 fuses
Serial communication (T-Plus kit) RS232 cable with a 9-pin D type male connector and a 9- pin D type female connector, and T-Plus software (optional)
Power cable With European or NEMA plug 3 meters long (optional)
Pump cable 5 meters long fixed cable
Compliance with EN 61010-1 (2001)
EN 61326-1 (2006)
Emission level : Class B for Residential Application
Immunity level : for Industrial Application
Max altitude 2,000 m
Protection category IP 20
Internal use only
Weight 6.3 Kg (13.9 lbs)
Installation Category II
Pollution degree 2

Digital Manual - Turbo-V 551 rack controller

Digital Manual - Turbo-V 701 rack controller

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Agilent Turbo-V 551 / 701 Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller - NEW

X350164001 / X3501-64001  Turbo-V 551
X350164002 / X3501-64002  Turbo-V 701