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Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP Controller - NEW

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Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP Controller - NEW
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Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP Controller - NEW

Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller - NEW

The Medium-TMP rack controller is a microprocessor-controlled frequency converter with enhanced features that allow greater control and communication capabilities. This compact, half rack unit is designed for full worldwide compatibility, vent valve control, and pump operation parameters control. As well as including self-diagnostic and protection features.

The Medium-TMP onboard controller is a solid-state frequency converter driven by a single chip microcomputer. It consists of a PCB including power supply, three-phase output, analog input/output section, microprocessor, and digital interface section. The power supply, together with the three-phase output, converts the single-phase AC mains supply into a three-phase, low voltage, medium frequency output required to power the pump. A remote host computer can operate the controller via the serial connection. Optional Windows-based A-plus software is also available. The Medium-TMP onboard controller can be mounted onboard, on the bottom or using an optional bracket on the side, of the TwisTorr 704 FS and 804 FS pumps.

  • Drives the TwisTorr 704 FS and 804 FS pumps, the vent valve, and the cooling fan.
  • Universal voltage, the controller can auto set according to the input voltage, providing flexibility for easy installation worldwide.
  • Three-dimensional pump control software provides maximum flexibility, speed, and simplicity - always the best throughput and compression performance according to pump operative conditions.
  • RS-232/485 communication protocols and Profibus (options).
  • Allows the pump to interact with the system controls (remote I/Os).
  • Enables the pump to be operated via PC with A-plus software.
  • Allows development of own customer software.
  • Rotor real speed reading.
  • Continuous pump speed reading after the stop command.
  • Normally open vent valve drive.

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Rack controller

Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP

Onboard controller

Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP

Specifications Rack controller Onboard controller
Input voltages 100 - 240 VAC
50/60 Hz 1-ph
Maximum input power 800 VA 600 VA
Output voltage 54 VAC, 3-ph
Output frequency 825 Hz
Operating temperature +5°C to +45°C
Storage temperature –20°C to +70°C

Digital Manual - Rack controller

Data Sheet - Onboard controller

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Agilent TwisTorr Medium-TMP Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Controller - NEW

Rack controller
X350164016 / X3501-64016

Onboard controller
X351264016 / X3512-64016