Agilent Varian

We specialize in Agilent Varian VHS, HS and M series pumps. Our prices are for fully rebuilt pumps with a one year warranty.

These diffusion pumps come with full thermal protection and quick-cool coils. HS-16 through 35 come with sight glass/fill and drain assemblies. Our HS-32 pumps have 32" ASA flanges. We can build them to 208V, 480V, or how our customers request.

We also carry Agilent Varian diffusion pump LN2 traps and baffles and valves. We offer repair service.

A rebuilt oil diffusion pump from PTB includes, depending upon the model:

  • Clean pump body interior and jet stack assembly.
  • New heater element on clean and smooth boiler surface.
  • New klixon thermal overload switch mounted on a secure thermo-bar.
  • Leak tight and free flowing water lines.
  • Helium leak checked body to 1 x 10-8 cc/s.
  • Fresh coat of paint.