Agilent Varian

We specialize in Agilent Varian VHS, HS and M series pumps. Our prices are for fully rebuilt pumps with a one year warranty.

These diffusion pumps come with full thermal protection and quick-cool coils. HS-16 through 35 come with sight glass/fill and drain assemblies. Our HS-32 pumps have 32" ASA flanges. The Agilent Varian HS-20 pump is wired for either 208V or 240V. For $1,500 we will convert them to 480V.

We also carry Agilent Varian diffusion pump LN2 traps and baffles and valves. We also offer repair service.

A rebuilt oil diffusion pump from PTB includes, depending upon the model:

  • Clean pump body interior and jet stack assembly.
  • New heater element on clean and smooth boiler surface.
  • New klixon thermal overload switch mounted on a secure thermo-bar.
  • Leak tight and free flowing water lines.
  • Helium leak checked body to 1 x 10-8 cc/s.
  • Fresh coat of paint.