If the requested voltage is not in stock then we will purchase a new motor and split the cost with you. They run on various vacuum pump oils. We also offer repair service.

DS Series Mechanical Pumps

The Agilent Varian two stage, direct drive, rotary vane mechanical pump incorporates hardened steel rotors, positively lubricated and frictionless hydrodynamic bearings, and stainless steel vane springs and filters. The spring loaded vanes do not rely on centrifugal force for sealing. An anti suckback valve with its integral rubber seal prevents oil from migrating back into the vacuum system should the motor be stopped inadvertently.

 The two stage design the Agilent Varian DS Series allows:

• Low 10-3 mbar operation

• Low operating temperature

• Minimal backstreaming at low pressure

• Good pumping efficiency and gas ballast in the low 10-2 mbar region