Agilent Varian

Agilent’s range of leak detection solutions ensure the safety, security and consistent performance of research, vacuum, and industrial process systems. HLD leak detectors are rugged, precise, and easy-to-use instruments that accurately and efficiently detect leaks in an array of industrial applications. For clean research applications, HLD configurations employ clean, dry, quiet scroll vacuum pumps. Our leak detectors feature automated start-up and calibration for maximum productivity, built in application set-ups, and an array of accessories to make any leak detection process simple.

The Agilent VS helium leak detector combines the simplicity of two-button operation with advanced expert system intelligence. The state-of-the-art spectrometer and vacuum system design provides powerful capability, enabling a broad range of test methods for specific applications. A wide range of options allows for broad configuration flexibility, meeting all application requirements and test environments. Robust design innovations allow the VS series to conform to the most rigorous industrial standards and operate dependably in the most challenging environments. Hand-held remote performs essential functions up to 100 meters (328 feet) indoors, facilitating access to all leak sites.