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Varian TriScroll PTS800 - REPAIR SERVICE


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Varian TriScroll PTS800 - REPAIR SERVICE
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Varian TriScroll PTS800 - REPAIR SERVICE

PTB Sales has factory trained technicians who can recognize slight damage that may cause poor pumping performance and premature failure.

We have developed specific procedures in conjunction with specialized tooling to make sure that critical alignment of the consumables will result in proper pump performance.

One year warranty service on all Varian TriScroll dry scroll pump models. The warranty does not cover tip seal maintenance. For example, per OEM specs, scroll pump tip seals must be replaced every 8,000 hours, or slightly less than 11 months, to maintain good base pressure.

Varian TriScroll PTS800 - Scope of Work

PTB Sales will perform the following:

1. Incoming Inspection

  • Attach work order to pump
  • Picture taken of mechanical configuration

2. Receipt and Inspection

  • Complete decontamination of internal and external parts
  • Hazardous materials disposed in accordance with environmental regulations
  • Motor Test

3. All parts are inspected and cleaned

  • High pressure parts washer as required
  • Corncobb blaster

4. Parts are dimensionally evaluated and customer advised need for replacement

  • Crank pins
  • OS
  • FS1 or FS2 plate

5. Rebuild

  • Diagnostic check of motor
  • Replace OS bearings
  • Replace shaft seals
  • Replace crank pilot bearings
  • Replace tip seals
  • All O-rings replaced with new

6. Final Test

  • 24 hour burn in of tip seals
  • Re-torque / re-grease
  • Final test – (Verify ultimate pressure and current)

7. Packaging and Shipping

  • Paint pump
  • Apply all safety and startup labels
  • Test reported completed
  • QC report created
  • Package pump and ship

Request an RMA  Return Material Authorization

Need an exchange?  We recognize that some replacements are more critical than others or that it is not convenient to remove a pump without the replacement immediately at hand. On our form, check the box to request an exchange and we will follow up with current availability.

Procedures for shipping used equipment to PTB Sales:

  • Seal openings.
  • Attach our pump declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminates the equipment has been exposed to.

There is a $300 Evaluation Fee. This gets applied to the cost of repair.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an email to our sales team!