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Agilent Varian TASK - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: TPSK81MKF040120
Agilent Varian TASK - REBUILT
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Agilent Varian TASK - REBUILT

Agilent Varian TASK Turbo Vacuum Pump System - REBUILT

TASK is an indoor, bench-top turbo pumping system that is comprised of an SH-110 scroll backing pump and either a Turbo-V 81M or Turbo-V 301 turbomolecular pump. TASK produces an oil-free high vacuum, while maintaining one button operation. The system is available with a variety of different inlet flanges.

The SH-110 is a hermetic, dry scroll vacuum pump suitable for pumping air or inert gases. The pump is not intended to pump toxic, corrosive, explosive, or particulate-forming gases.

The turbopump controllers are microprocessor-based frequency converters with self-diagnostic and protection features to ensure the highest degree of reliability. They display all of the relevant operating parameters and pump status information.

TASK system features include:

  • One button operation
  • Available in 120 VAC (50/60 Hz) or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Oil free high vacuum performance
  • CE and CSA approvals
  • Lifting hand holds
  • KF, ISO or conflat flanges
  • Manual turbo vent valve
  • NW16 / ¼” FNPT exhaust connection
  • Compact console
  • Air-cooled vented case

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Base pressure 5 x 10−9 mbar
Pumping speed (l/s) Turbo-V 81M
KF-40 / 2.75" CF (DN 40)
N2 - 50
H2 - 46
He - 56
Turbo-V 81M
ISO-63 / 4.5" CF (DN63)
N2 - 77
H2 - 50
He - 65
Turbo-V 301
ISO-100 / 6" CF (DN100)
N2 - 250
H2 - 200
He - 220
Turbo-V 301
ISO-160 / 8" CF (DN160)
N2 - 280
H2 - 210
He - 230
Rotational speed Turbo-V 81M 1,350 Hz
Turbo-V 301 963 Hz
Operating position Vertical
Operating ambient temperature     5°C to 35°C
Input voltage / frequency 120 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum input power  736 W / 486 W (V-81M / V-301)
Bakeout temperature CF: 120°C at Inlet KF, ISO: 80°C at Inlet
Altitude 2,000 m maximum
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Storage temperature -20 to 60°C

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Agilent Varian TASK Turbo Vacuum Pump System - REBUILT

TPSK81MKF040120  Turbo-V 81M  KF-40 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MCF035120  Turbo-V 81M  2.75" CF 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MlS063120  Turbo-V 81M  ISO-63 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MCF063120  Turbo-V 81M  4.5" CF 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MKF040220  Turbo-V 81M  KF-40 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MCF035220  Turbo-V 81M  2.75" CF 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MlS063220  Turbo-V 81M  ISO-63 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK81MCF063220  Turbo-V 81M  4.5" CF 220V 50/60Hz

TPSK301IS100120  Turbo-V 301  ISO-100 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK301CF100120  Turbo-V 301  6" CF 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK301IS160120  Turbo-V 301  ISO-160 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK301CF150120  Turbo-V 301  8" CF 120V 50/60Hz
TPSK301IS100220  Turbo-V 301  ISO-100 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK301CF100220  Turbo-V 301  6" CF 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK301IS160220  Turbo-V 301  ISO-160 220V 50/60Hz
TPSK301CF150220  Turbo-V 301  8" CF 220V 50/60Hz