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Varian TriScroll 300DS - REBUILT

Manufacturer Part Number: 300DS1UNIV
Price: $4,375.00
Varian TriScroll 300DS - REBUILT
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Varian 300DS - REBUILT

Varian 300DS Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

Rebuilt Varian scroll pumps have been completely disassembled, cleaned and carefully inspected for wear. The pumps are assembled with new tip seals, shaft seals and bearings and then undergo an extended performance test. Certified technicians perform a quality assurance inspection prior to shipping.

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Free air displacement 50 Hz: 300 l/m, (10.6 cfm)
60 Hz: 250 l/m, (8.8 cfm)
Pumping speed 50 Hz: 250 l/m, (8.8 cfm)
60 Hz: 210 l/m, (7.4 cfm)
Ultimate pressure ≤ 1.2 E-2 Torr (≤ 1.6 E-2 mbar)
Inlet connection NW25
Exhaust connection NW16
Motor rating 0.53 hp (0.4 kW)
Operating voltages 1-phase /  50-60 Hz: 100/115/200/230 VAC
Noise level (at 1 meter) ≤ 58 dB(A)
Ambient operating temperature     5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)

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Varian 300DS Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump - REBUILT


The DS is the oldest ANEST IWATA "A" series pump. The FS1, FS2 and OS plates are not interchangeable with the current "C" series pumps. If these oldest pumps have damaged plates then they are not rebuildable.