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Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr - NEW

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Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr - NEW
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Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr - NEW

Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

The Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr pump offers the highest pumping speeds in its category for N2. Utilizing leading-edge Twistorr technology, the pump achieves higher compression ratios for light gases in a commercially available turbo molecular pump. The pump is designed for scientific and research applications and is operated with a dedicated full display rack controller. Due to high foreline pressure tolerance, the pump may be backed by a smaller, cost-effective dry scroll pump like the Agilent TriScroll 600.

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Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr

Pumping speed
    N2 2,050 l/s
    He 1,800 l/s
    H2 1,500 l/s
Compression ratio
    N2 > 8 x 108
    He 8 x 105
    H2 4 x 104
Base pressure with recommended forepump 1010 mbar (7.5 x 10-11 Torr)
Max foreline pressure for N2 4 mbar
Inlet flange ISO 250F, CFF 12" O.D.
Foreline flange KF 40 NW
Nominal rotational speed 33,300 rpm
Start up time w/o gas load (recommended forepump)     < 6 minutes
Min. recommended forepump TriScroll 600
Operational position Vertical, upside down
Operating ambient temperature +5ºC to + 35ºC
Bakeout temperature 120ºC
Max rotor temperature 120ºC
Vibration < 0.01 at inlet flange
Lubrication Permanent
Cooling requirements Water
Coolant water
    Recommended flow 200 l/h
    Temperature +15ºC to +30ºC
    Pressure 3 to 5 bar
Noise level < 60 dB(A)
Storage temperature -20ºC to 70ºC
Environment protection IP54


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Agilent Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

9696000 / 969-6000  ISO-250F rack
9696001 / 969-6001  12” CF OD rack