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Agilent Varian VHS-250 - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: K0543306
Agilent Varian VHS-250 - REBUILT
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Agilent Varian VHS-250 - REBUILT

Agilent Varian VHS-250 Diffusion High Vacuum Pump - REBUILT (0178)

The Agilent Varian VHS Series bulge contour increases gas capture and maintains lower pressure for the process. These VHS diffusion pumps have sight glass/fill and drain assemblies for continuous monitoring and easy maintenance of pump fluid. Finned boilers increase surface area, prolonging fluid life. Full thermal protection and quick-cool coils are also standard. Please let us know if you would like a quote for a different heater voltage or for repair service of your pump.

We also carry Agilent Varian diffusion pump LN2 traps and baffles and valves. 

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Agilent Varian VHS-250

Power rating 2,200 Watts
Optimum operating range (Torr) 7 x 10-4 to < 5 x 10-9 (9 x 10-4 to < 6 x 10-9 mbars)
Maximum pumping speed (l/s) Air – 3,700 with std cold cap; Helium – 4,600
Maximum throughput (Torr-l/s) 2.6 (3.5 mbar-l/s) in operating range
3.5 (4.5 mbar-l/s) @0.01 Torr
Maximum forepressure No Load – 0.65 Torr (.87 mbars)
Full Load – 0.55 Torr (.73 mbars)
Backstreaming rate at pump inlet 5 x 10-4 mg/cm2/minute (with std cold cap)
Electrical requirements 120, 208, 240; 50/60 Hz; single-phase
Warmup time 10 minutes
Cooldown time (using quick cool coil)     10 minutes
Fluid charge 500 cc
Cooling water requirements Maximum inlet temperature – 60/80°F (15 - 26°C)
Maximum outlet temperature at foreline – 120°F (48.9 °C)
Flow rate - 0.25 gpm
Pressure drop across coils 15 psi
Backing pump size 17 cfm for maximum throughput
Recommended jet assembly 4-stage, self-aligning, stainless steel
Foreline baffle Stacked half moon
Cold cap Nickel-plated copper
Water connections 1/8" FPT
Thermal switches Manual reset at 300°F / 149°C
Environmental Maximum ambient temperature 113°F / 45°C
Installation Indoor use, installation category 2, pollution degree 2
Altitude 6,562’ (2,000 m)
Heater circuit resistance (ohms) 2,200 watts
120 V – 6.5
208 V – 19.6
240 V – 26.1
Clearance (for heater removal) 6" minimum
Materials Body, flanges, foreline, baffle – stainless steel
Jet assembly – stainless steel
Body cooling coils – copper
Quick cooling coil – stainless steel
Cold cap – nickel-plated copper
Weight 75 lbs

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Agilent Varian VHS-250 Diffusion High Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

K0543301 / K0543-301  ISO w/ standard cold cap 120V
K0543306 / K0543-306  ISO w/ standard cold cap 208V
K0543302 / K0543-302  ISO w/ standard cold cap 240V