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Agilent Varian VS Series - REPAIR SERVICE


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Return Material Authorization

To request an RMA, click the button below and fill out the form or contact us directly.


Agilent Varian VS Series - REPAIR SERVICE
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Agilent Varian VS Series - REPAIR SERVICE

Call for a repair service quote or fill out the RFQ form. We offer 1 year warranty repair service on the rough and high vacuum pumps and 90 day warranty service on the electronics for Agilent Varian helium leak detectors.

  • VS Series - VSMD301, VSMD302, VSMR151, VSMR152 
  • VS Series - VSPD030, VSPD031, VSPD032
  • 925, 936, 938, 947, 948, 956, 959, 979
  • PHD-4, 990-dCLD

Request an RMA  Return Material Authorization

Need an exchange?  We recognize that some replacements are more critical than others or that it is not convenient to remove a pump without the replacement immediately at hand. On our form, check the box to request an exchange and we will follow up with current availability.

There is a $300 Evaluation Fee. This gets applied to the cost of repair.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an e-mail to our sales team!