VAT Angle Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Series Valve Description
26 HV angle valve with bellows feedthrough
28 UHV angle valve for most demanding applications
29 Angle valve with soft-pump function for less turbulences, particles and condensation
54 All-metal angle valve Easy Close, maintenance-free
57 All-metal angle valve very long cycle life

We stock and provide repair service for VAT angle valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

Pneumatic Actuator
26324-KA11 26328-KA11 26332-KA11 26334-KA11
26336-QA11 26140-QA11 26144-QA11 26324-KE11
26328-KE11 26332-KE11 26334-KE11 26336-QE11
26140-QE11 26144-QE11 26324-KA21 26328-KA21
26332-KA21 26334-KA21 26336-QA21 26140-QA21
26144-QA21 26324-KE21 26328-KE21 26332-KE21
26334-KE21 26336-QE21 26140-QE21 26144-QE21
26324-KA31 26328-KA31 26332-KA31 26334-KA31
26336-QA31 26140-QA31 26144-QA31 26324-KE31
26328-KE31 26332-KE31 26334-KE31 26336-QE31
26140-QE31 26144-QE31 26324-KA41 26328-KA41
26332-KA41 26334-KA41 26336-QA41 26140-QA41
26144-QA41 26324-KE41 26328-KE41 26332-KE41
26334-KE41 26336-QE41 26140-QE41 26144-QE41
26324-KA71 26328-KA71 26332-KA71 26334-KA71
26336-QA71 26140-QA71 26144-QA71 26324-KE71
26328-KE71 26332-KE71 26334-KE71 26336-QE71
26140-QE71 26144-QE71 26324-KA81 26328-KA81
26332-KA81 26334-KA81 26336-QA81 26140-QA81
26144-QA81 26324-KE81 26328-KE81 26332-KE81
26334-KE81 26336-QE81 26140-QE81 26144-QE81
Manual Actuator
26324-KA01 26328-KA01 26332-KA01 26334-KA01
26336-QA01 26040-QA01 26044-QA01 26324-KE01
26328-KE01 26332-KE01 26334-KE01 26336-QE01
26040-QE01 26044-QE01