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Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 8F Vacuum Cryopump - REBUILT

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Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 8F Vacuum Cryopump - REBUILT
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Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 8F Vacuum Cryopump - REBUILT

Call for a quote. Ask us for options you would like included e.g. a three phase motor or a Fast Regen module. We also offer one year warranty repair service. View the other On-Board IS models.

Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board cryogenic vacuum pumps incorporate embedded microprocessor control to enhance performance, perform diagnostic routines and provide communication capability. The On-Board Network module is included in the price.


  • Regenerates in half the time of a typical Cryo-Torr cryopump.
  • Simultaneous regeneration capability, enabled by networking your cryopumps, to speed the overall system regeneration.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an email to our sales team!

Integrated hardware Roughing valve
Purge valve
Cryopump TC gauge
1st stage diode
2nd stage diode
1st stage heater
2nd stage heater
RS-232 interface
Pumping speeds
    H2O 4,000 liters/sec
    N2 1,500 liters/sec
    H2 2,200 liters/sec
    Ar 1,200 liters/sec
Ar throughput at 20K* 250 - 700 sccm (Torr-liters/sec)
    Ar 1,000 std. liters @ 5 x 10-6 Torr
750 std. liters @ 5 x 10-7 Torr (recovery in 30 seconds)
    H2 12 std. liters @ 5 x 10-6 Torr
    N2 550 std. liters (recovery to 5 x 10-7 Torr in 30 seconds)
Crossover 150 Torr-liters
Full regeneration - cold to cold    
    (with 1 minute extended purge)    
≤ 90 minutes (1 pump / 1 compressor)
≤ 120 minutes (5 pumps / 1 compressor)
Fast regeneration ≤ 35 minutes (1 pump / 1 compressor)
≤ 60 minutes (5 pumps / 1 compressor)
Weight 67 lbs


*Depends upon system configuration

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Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 8F Vacuum Cryopump - REBUILT

Please contact us for part number configurations:
8185015G001   8185015G002   8185023G001   8185036G001   8185039G001   8185040G001   8185063G001   8185037G001
8185037G002   8185038G001   8185041G001   8185041G002   8185042G001   8185042G002   8185057G001   8185058G001
8185071G001   8185071G002   8185074G001   8185085G001   8185086G001   8185087G001   8185094G001   8185095G001
8185095G002   8185099G001   8185100G001   8185117G001   8185117G002   8185124G001   8185125G001   8185137G001
8185137G002   8185140G001   8185140G002   8185142G001   8185143G001   8185144G001   8185146G001   8185149G001
8185150G001   8185151G001   8185153G001   8185155G001   8185157G001   8185157G002   8185159G001   8185162G001
8185163G001   8185163G002   8185175G001   8185175G002   8185185G001   8185185G002   8185192G001    

This product has been refurbished by PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales is not affiliated with Brooks Automation, Inc., the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In some cases, PTB Sales uses processes and parts that are different from those used by the OEM, and the OEM expressly disclaims any warranty obligations with respect to this refurbished product.

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