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CHA SE-1000 High Vacuum Deposition System

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CHA SE-1000 High Vacuum Deposition System
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CHA SE-1000 High Vacuum Deposition System

The largest of the SE/SEC-Series, the SE-1000, is typically equipped with a 25.5" diameter, water-cooled bell jar, a 26" diameter stainless steel baseplate, and Planetary Fixturing holding up to thirty six 4" wafers. One Button Automation and Lift-Off Fixturing are among the most popular options added to the system.

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Ultimate vacuum 10-8 Torr range
Cryogenic pump 10"
Mechanical pump 23-57 cfm, dual stage
Cold trap 3.7 liter capacity, 250 sq. inches of surface area, 10 hours holding time
Water baffle Optically dense, chevron baffle
High vacuum valve 113/4" I.D., seals vertically
Foreline / roughing valves     3" I.D.
Valve actuation Electro-pneumatic (all vacuum valves)
Valve sequencing Manual and automatic (Auto-Tech II)
Ionization gauge control Dual ionization gauge tube, auto ranging with dual convectron positions
Dimensions 79" H x 43" W x 37" D
Weight 1,500 lbs.
Electrical 208/30/70A/5-wire connection with ground 
Water 10 gpm (minimum)
Air 90-110 psig 

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CHA SE-1000 High Vacuum Deposition System

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