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Helium Compressor Repair Service - PTB Sales, Inc.

PTB services the full suite of CTI-Cryogenics helium compressors, from the time tested 8500 line to the intelligent IS-1000 line.

PTB Sales is the only independent service provider globally that can completely rebuild the CTI-Cryogenics 9600, 9700, IS-1000, IS-2000 and High Capacity compressors, regardless of age. We perform this rebuild in our fully dedicated state of the art cryopump remanufacturing facility.

If the compressor requires a major overhaul, other independent service providers may evaluate the compressor as beyond economical repair or send it to the OEM. The OEM offers a repair that is almost double the price if the compressor is over 10 years old!

Seized Module... Will Repair
Faulty Electronics... Will Repair
Internal Helium Leak... Will Repair

Too expensive from OEM? PTB will rebuild your compressor at our own high quality facility, we will not outsource it to the OEM regardless of the level of overhaul required and we will do this for one price only, regardless of age.

CTI-Cryogenics 9600 compressor, Fixed Price Repair Service: $2,750

*This offer applies to End-User customers only.

Backed by a one year warranty. Contact Sales for details.

Fill out the RFQ form if you don't see your model listed. 

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