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Consignment Inventory & Logistics Management

Surplus Inventory Acquisition - PTB Sales, Inc.

Surplus Equipment Support Program       Surplus Inventory Acquisition

PTB recognizes that time is of the essence for our customers and that you need both flexibility and responsiveness to support your operating model. Because of this we offer a series of logistics management and consignment programs as stand-alone options or to be coupled with our other services.


We realize that in order to ensure our customers' down time is as low as possible and has a minimum impact on productivity we can structure a managed pool of inventory consigned at your location to minimize the impact to your operating model. This can be seeded with both customer material, PTB stocked material as well as items from other suppliers and we offer to manage this jointly with our customers to ensure that there is complete alignment on balance levels to protect your manufacturing operations. We take our “What YOU Need, When YOU Need It!” SM approach right into your site!

Logistics Management

In addition to our consignment services we offer logistics service integration, one key example is our turbo molecular pump support offering. As there are many manufacturers and models, PTB recognizes as well as it's customers do that serving the turbo pump support needs across an installed base can be very challenging and require the customer to source material from multiple suppliers. PTB has developed a proprietary database over the years that removes the questions and quality variance. We know which suppliers provide the most reliable and best priced repairs and refurbishment for turbos in North America. With this knowledge we are able to integrate their services and deliver to you seamless support from one vendor to meet your repair and spares needs.

Excess & Obsolete

PTB has served multiple manufacturing industries in North America for almost two decades and we understand that companies frequently have needs to dispose of excess and obsolete equipment. Most companies seek the services of a scrapper to do this. For our equipment partners we offer a much more useful program whereby PTB will manage the disposition of your E & O on a quarterly basis. Because of our core competency in material acquisition, reconditioning and disposition, we have a much broader view of the marketplace and where material may be needed by other companies. This not only allows you a more consistent outlet for E & O equipment and parts but also allows the partner to achieve a better economic return.

Remote Purchasing

PTB knows where to get the components, spares and repairs you need. Typically offered to our international customers we can organize a program for you where you provide us with the equipment, conditioning specs, pricing threshold and volume you need on a periodic basis. We source the material for you and can combine this with our other logistics or support programs to reduce your supplier base and save you both time and money.