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PTB Sales is the Industry Leader for Vacuum Pump Repair Services.

PTB Sales is widely recognized by the market for its vacuum pump rebuild services for cryopumps and cryo compressors. Each customer repaired cryopump undergoes a complete remanufacture. PTB Sales cryopump rebuilds are the most thorough in the industry.

PTB Sales will perform the following on popular models such as the CTI-Cryogenics On-Board 8F:

  • Vacuum Side
    • Replacement of the 15K array.
    • All indium is replaced.
    • 80K array inspected and remanufactured.
    • Parts are cleaned and baked out.
    • He leak checked to 1 x 10-8 cc/s.
  • Helium Circuit
    • Motor bearings and O-rings replaced.
    • Refrigerator crankshaft bearings, O-rings, valve seals and springs replaced.
    • Refrigerator timing set for optimal cryogenic performance.
    • 1st and 2nd stage displacers cleaned, vacuum baked and rebuilt.
  • Cryo Test
    • Pump is fully charged with 99.999% ultra pure helium.
    • Pump performance is verified per OEM’s published specifications.
      • Cooldown time.
      • On-Board communications functionality.
      • On-Board temperature control functionality.
    • All electronics are tested in an ESD controlled room to the OEM’s published specifications.
    • Test data and QC Inspection sheets are attached and shipped with the cryopump.

This product has been refurbished by PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales is not affiliated with Brooks Automation, Inc., the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In some cases, PTB Sales uses processes and parts that are different from those used by the OEM, and the OEM expressly disclaims any warranty obligations with respect to this refurbished product.