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  • PTB Sales has been offering rebuilt cryogenic vacuum pumps for sale for over 15 years.
  • State of the art 27,853 sq ft facility.
  • Whether refurbished equipment sales or repair, each cryogenic vacuum pump undergoes a complete remanufacture…not even the OEMs will deliver that.
  • Bill of material replacement parts on par with OEM standards.
  • Each cryopump undergoes independent module and sub-assembly tests as well as final test; report is included with the pump.
  • The only cryopump service facility that provides technical and application support.
  • Electronic remanufacturing documentation and certified technicians.
  • Largest North American independent provider of cryopump and compressor refurbished equipment sales and repairs, we do over 1,000 remanufactures each year.
  • Over 400 units in stock.