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CTI 9600 Compressor - REPAIR SERVICE


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Return Material Authorization

To request an RMA, click the button below and fill out the form or contact us directly.


CTI 9600 Compressor - REPAIR SERVICE
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Request an RMA  Return Material Authorization

Need an exchange?  We recognize that some replacements are more critical than others or that it is not convenient to remove a pump without the replacement immediately at hand. On our form, check the box to request an exchange and we will follow up with current availability.

Procedures for shipping used equipment to PTB Sales:

  • Seal openings.
  • Attach our pump declaration form to the equipment to declare what contaminates the equipment has been exposed to.

There is a $300 Evaluation Fee. This gets applied to the cost of repair.

Questions? Please call our toll free number at 866-332-0500 or send an e-mail to our sales team!

CTI 9600 Compressor - Scope of Work

One year warranty service.

PTB Sales will perform the following:

1. Incoming Inspection

  • Attach Work Order to 9600 Compressor
  • Picture taken of 9600 Compressor’s  Configuration/Condition
  • Record Static Charge Pressure
  • Record hours and last date serviced

2. Record current (Amps) on all three Input Phases

3. Record Inlet/Outlet water temperature

4. Complete teardown and disassembly of the compressor

5. All parts are inspected and cleaned with a High Pressure Parts washer

  • Flush Heater exchanger
  • Paint exterior panels

6. 9600 Compressor Rebuild

  • Pump Motor
    • Measure/record resistance on all three phases
    • Replace pump motor if current and/or resistance is out of spec
    • Replaced hour meter
  • Rebuild By-pass Valve
    • Clean/Inspect replace O-Rings
  • Rebuild Dump Valve
    • Clean/Inspect and replace O-Rings
  • Rebuild Oil Mist Section
    • Clean/Inspect Orifice and replace O-Rings
    • Clean/Inspect and/or replace filters
  • Rebuild Oil Injection Section
    • Clean/Inspect Oil Inject Valve and replace O-Rings
    • Replace Oil Injection filter
  • Rebuild Pressure Gauge
    • Clean/Inspect/ Pressure Gauge and replace O-Ring
  • Replace Pressure Relief Valve
  • Clean/Inspect Casters
  • Replace Helium Absorber
  • Replace Aeroquip fittings and O-Rings
    • Helium Supply and Return fittings
    • Oil Pump fill and drain fittings
    • Helium Charge fitting
  • Water Connection fittings
    • Clean/Inspect and/or replace water inlet connector
    • Clean/Inspect and/or replace water outlet connector

7. Electrical Chassis Rebuild

  • Verify 2 phase and 3 phase coldhead output power
  • Inspect/Replace PCB's
  • Inspect/replace Power Components > 5 years old
  • Inspect/Replace I/O Connectors (On-Board Output and Remote)
  • Inspect/Replace Circuit Breakers (Main and Control) and Contactors
  • Verify On-Board output power

8. Rough Evacuation helium and oil ports for 8 hours

9. Helium Charge to specified static charge pressure

10. Final Test

  • Install Panels
  • Helium circuit leaked checked to 1 x 10E-7 sccm
  • Load Test
  • Record Compressor Input Current on all 3 phases
  • Record Compressor Inlet/Outlet Water Temperature
  • Record Cryopump’s Bottom out Times
  • Record Cryopump’s Bottom out Temperatures

11. Final Quality Control Check List

  • Final Test Report attached to Compressor
  • Replace Service Label with hours recorded at time of service
  • Protective caps  installed on Supply/Return fittings
  • Protective covers installed on Power and Remote connectors
  • Package with accordance with DOT Standards

The following is a real-life example of what happened when one of our customers sent in their CTI 9600 compressor for repair to PTB Sales:

After evaluation, it was determined that the compressor pump was “locked” and the oil separator was full of oil. The nonfunctioning oil separator did not provide sufficient oil to the compressor pump causing the pump to overheat and fail.

PTB Sales replaced the compressor pump with a new OEM pump and replaced the oil separator with a remanufactured one. We continued with our standard service scope of work within our industry leading three day turn-around time. All of this was performed under PTB's fixed price repair program of $2,750.

What would have happened if the customer sent the 9600 Compressor to the OEM? They would have been notified that the cost to repair older units is significantly more than the cost to repair newer compressors. They would be offered two options:

  • $6,850 repair cost
  • $1,000 credit towards the purchase of a new compressor

White Paper – Cause & Effect of Helium Contamination on a Cryogenic Vacuum System

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