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PHPK purchased the CVI Torr Master cryopump and cryocooler product line from Chart Industries. The coldhead refrigeration is based on the Gifford-McMahon expansion engine design. We also offer repair service.

Torr Master TM 900 TM 1200
N2 30,000 l/s 57,000 l/s
H2 20,000 l/s 30,000 l/s
Flange 35 in ANSI 48 in ANSI

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First stage array is cooled to a nominal 77°K, freezing out water vapor and providing thermal radiation shielding for the second stage. The inner or second stage array is cooled to a nominal 15-20°K for rapid pumping of nitrogen and oxygen. Helium, hydrogen and neon are pumped by absorption on a bed of activated carbon cooled to 15-20°K by the inner array. Torr Masters have no moving parts or operating fluids exposed to the vacuum.