E / Ion-Beam

E-beam power supplies are high voltage DC power supplies which are used in conjunction with an E-beam gun for evaporation of materials. They range in power from two to 15 kW and run at voltages between six and 10 kV. Most can be equipped with a beam sweep which moves the beam in the pocket to distribute power evenly across the pocket. Sweeps are normally used for the evaporation of non-conductive materials. All power supplies have interlocks for high voltage safety as well as an interface for control from a deposition monitor/controller. Some power supplies can run more than one gun or system. We sell the: MDC power supply and Temescal power supply.

PTB carries 270° E-beam guns only. All E-beam guns are water cooled. Multi-pocket guns come in 4- or 6-pocket configurations and range in pocket size from 7 to 30 cc. Maximum power for a multi-pocket E-gun is 8 kW.