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EBARA A10S Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: A017200, A017441
EBARA A10S Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT
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EBARA A10S Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

Technical Characteristics

  • Complete pump safeguard system
  • High pump operating temperature preventing condensation
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Corrosion resistant materials-stainless steel coolers, water circuits
  • High reliability even for harsh processes
  • Efficient interstage coolers for LPCVD nitride process
  • Canned motor
  • Low service requirements
  • Control panel for monitoring operating conditions

Customer Benefits

  • Very low nitrogen consumption for purging
  • Clean room compatible
  • Low service requirements
  • Compact size and small footprint

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Model A25S A10S A07V
Pumping speed (50 / 60 Hz) 2,500 / 3,000 L/min 1,000 / 1,200 L/min 700 / 840 L/min
Ultimate pressure (50 / 60 Hz) 5.3 / 4.0Pa 1.1 / 1.0 Pa
Connection Gas inlet NW50 NW40
Gas outlet NW40
Motor 2P 3.7 kW 2P 2.2 kW 2P 1.5 kW
Cooling water Connection Coupler (Rc 3/8)
Pressure [gauge press.] Supply: Max. 0.4 MPa, Differential press.: Min. 0.1 MPa
Flow rate Min. 3.5 L/min
Temperature Max. 30°C
N2 Gas Connection 1/4” tube fitting (same as Swagelok®)
Pressure [gauge press.] Supply: 0.1-0.7 MPa, Setting: 0.04-0.07 MPa
Approx. flow rate 17-20 Pa m3/s [3.4 Pa m3/s] 15-19 Pa m3/s [3.4 Pa m3/s]
Duct ventilation Connection d50 mm x L50 mm d50 mm x L60 mm
Pressure -196 Pa
Approx. flow rate 0.5 m3/min
Lubrication Oil Brand FOMBLIN Y-L VAC 25/6 BARRIERTA J100 DEMNUM S-65 KRYTOX VPF 1525
Quantity 0.4 L 0.5 L
Approx. weight 240 kg 220 kg 150 kg
Power supply Phase/volt/freq. 3 Phase, 200V (50 Hz), 200-220 V (60Hz)
Current rating (50 / 60 Hz) 18.3 / 17.5 A 11.7 / 11.1 A 8.4 / 8.6 A
Connection MS Series 22-22 MS Series 20-4
(Japan Aviation Electronics Industry)
Control signal 57 Series 50 (DDK. Ltd)

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EBARA A10S Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

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