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EBARA EBT240 Integrated Turbo Vacuum Pump - NEW

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Manufacturer Part Number: EBT240FRAB
Stock # 119180
EBARA EBT240 Integrated Turbo Vacuum Pump - NEW
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EBARA EBT240 Integrated Controller Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

The EBT Series consists of mechanical bearing compound turbomolecular pumps, which compliment EBARA’s existing line of EMT MagLev turbomolecular pumps. The EBT series of turbo pumps are highly efficient, cost effective solutions that provide clean and reliable vacuum generation for your high tech manufacturing requirements.

The compound turbo pumps in the EBT Series can be mounted in any orientation and are ideal for mobile applications. These pumps offer high pumping speed and high-volume light gas compression, making them ideal for UHV and analytical systems. The EBT70 and EBT240 pumps are available with an optional integrated controller.

All EBARA compound turbomolecular pumps are available with either water or fan cooling, and the EBT70 is available with convection cooling.

Features & Benefits

  • Grease lubricated ball bearing type
  • Wide pumping speed variations from 70 to 2,400 L/s
  • Compact, light weight, low cost
  • Integrated controller types available (for Models EBT70 and EBT240 only)
  • Shock-resistant
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled types available (air cooled only for Models EBT70F and EBT240F)
  • Can be set in any direction
  • Network connection available
  • Compliant with CE marking , SEMI S2 & NRTL

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Inlet flange CF100
Outlet flange KF25
Volume flow rate
    N2 (l/s) 240
    N2 w/ protective screen (l/s) 230
    H2 (l/s) 160
Maximum compression ratio
    N2 1 x 108
    H2 4 x 104
Ultimate pressure < 3.8 x 10-9 Torr (< 5 x 10-7 Pa)
Maximum throughput
    N2 (sccm) 70
    N2 (Pa x l/s) 130
    Ar (sccm) 50
    Ar (Pa x l/s) 90
Maximum backing pressure 5.3 Torr (700 Pa)
Recommended backing pump ≥ 80 l/min (≥ 2.8 cfm)
Startup time 5.5 - 6 min
Shutdown time 45 - 50 min
Vibration level (0 - peak) ≤ 0.2 μm
Rated rotational speed 48,000 min-1
Installation position Any
Cooling system Forced air cooling
Bearing system Grease-lubricated ball bearing
Permissible ambient temperature     8 - 38°C (46 - 100°F)
Major materials Al Alloy
Weight 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs)
Bearing life 20,000 hours

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EBARA EBT240 Integrated Controller Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

EBT240FCAB  240 l/s air cooled
EBT240FRAB  240 l/s air cooled
EBT240FCAB-20  240 l/s CF100 air cooled
EBT240FRAB-20  240 l/s ISO-R100 air cooled