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EBARA EMT1300 Magnetically Levitated Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The EMT Series offers five major types of turbomolecular pumps - temperature-controlled, corrosion resistant, ultra low vibration, radiation resistant, and ultra high vacuum.

The EMT Series turbomolecular pumps features a wide pressure range with maximum back pressure up to 3 Torr.

The temperature controlled model turbomolecular pumps reduce the rate condensation of the byproduct and process effluent build up commonly found inside a turbomolecular pump. The patented thermal insulation structure with integrated temperature management system is the most energy efficient temperature controlled turbomolecular pump on the market today.

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Inlet flange ISO-B200 / CF200
Outlet flange NW40
Volume flow rate
    N2 (l/s) 1,300
    N2 w/ protective screen (l/s) 1,230
    H2 (l/s) 1,200
Maximum compression ratio
    N2 1 x 108
    H2 1.5 x 104
Ultimate pressure < 7.5 x 10-9 Torr (< 1 x 10-6 Pa)
Allowable outlet pressure 3.8 Torr (500 Pa)
Maximum throughput
    N2 (sccm) 3,000
    N2 (Pa x l/s) 5,520
    Ar (sccm) 1,500
    Ar (Pa x l/s) 2,760
Revolution speed 33,600 rpm
Startup time 4 - 5 min
Shutdown time 4 - 5 min
Installation position Any
Vibration level (0 - peak) < 0.005 μm
Pump bake out temperature     max 120°C
Bearing system 5-axis magnetic bearing
Cooling system Water/air
Cooling water flow rate 1.5 l/min
Recommended backing pump     ≥ 250 l/min
N2 gas throughput for purging 20 sccm (36.8 Pa-l/sec)
Weight 75 / 92 kg (34 / 42 lbs)

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EBARA EMT1300 Magnetically Levitated Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT