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Edwards E2M18 Two Stage Vacuum Pump - NEW

Manufacturer Part Number: A36310940
Price: $4,595.00
Edwards E2M18 Two Stage Vacuum Pump - NEW
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Edwards E2M18 Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - NEW

The EM range of oil-sealed rotary pumps - renowned for their high ultimate vacuum, rapid pumping speed, quiet operation and ability to handle vapour - have become the industry standard for laboratory and light industrial applications. The E1M18 and E2M18 pumps are direct drive, sliding vane pumps. The pump is oil sealed and designed for reliable, long-term operation. The pump is a freestanding unit with the drive provided through a flexible coupling by either a single-phase or three-phase (four-pole) motor.

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Displacement (swept volume)
    50 Hz 20.5 m3h-1 / 12.1 ft3min-1
    60 Hz 25.0 m3h-1 / 14.7 ft3min-1
Speed (Pneurop 6602)
    50 Hz 17.0 m3h-1 / 10 ft3min-1
    60 Hz 20.4 m3h-1 / 12.1 ft3min-1
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure)
    without gas purge 1 x 10-3 mbar / 7.4 x 10-4 Torr
    with gas purge 1.5 x 10-1 mbar / 1.1 x 10-2 Torr
Inlet connection NW25
Outlet connection Nozzle 15 mm external diameter removable from 3/4" BSP tapped hole
Maximum permitted pressure at outlet 0.5 bar gauge / 7 psig
Maximum inlet pressure for water vapour     20 mbar / 15 Torr
Maximum water vapour pumping rate 0.3 kg h-1
Motor power 50/60 Hz 0.55 kW / 0.75kW
Nominal rotational speed 50/60Hz 1,440/1,720 rpm
Power connector IEC EN60320 C19
Operating temperature range 13 - 40°C
Weight 39 kg / 86 lbs
Noise 57 dB(A) @ 50 Hz
Oil capacity - maximum 1.05 litre
Oil capacity - minimum 0.75 litre
Recommended oil Ultragrade 19


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Edwards E2M18 Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - NEW

A36310940 A363-10-940  E2M18  200-230/380-415V, 3-ph, 50Hz or 200-230/460V, 3-ph, 60Hz
A36315904 A363-15-904  E2M18  100/200V, 1-ph, 50Hz or 100-105/200-210V, 1-ph, 60Hz
A36317984 A363-17-984  E2M18  115/200-230V, 1-ph, 50/60Hz with IEC60320 connector

Edwards E2M18 PFPE Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - NEW

A36321940 A363-21-940  E2M18 PFPE  200-230/380-415 V, 3-ph, 50 Hz or 200-230/460 V, 3-ph, 60 Hz
A36325984 A363-25-984  E2M18 PFPE  115/200-230 V, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz with IEC60320 connector fitted

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