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Edwards EPX500LE 208V - NEW

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Edwards EPX500LE 208V - NEW
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Edwards EPX500LE 208V - NEW

Edwards EPX500LE 208V Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - NEW

The new compact EPX500 high vacuum drypump offers enhanced performance with reduced cost of ownership. Using a unique patent protected mechanism the EPX500 is capable of pumping from atmosphere to ultimate pressures of < 7 x 10-5 Torr. Based on the successful award winning IPX range, the modular EPX500 offers outstanding performance in a package that is 20% lighter, 30% smaller and requires 40% less power than the IPX. The EPX LE series of pumps has an End User Controller (EUC). The End User Controller enables local control for stand-alone use as well as the ability to connect to a fab-wide network for remote control and monitoring.

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Peak Speed 500 m3h-1 / 295 ft3min-1 / 8,338 lmin-1
Ultimate Vacuum < 1 x 10-6 mbar / < 7 x 10-7 Torr / < 1 x 10-4 Pa
Warm up time (to nominal performance)     30 min
Inlet Flange ISO160
Outlet flange NW25
Noise < 59 dB(A)
Minimum cooling water flow rate 2 lmin-1
Cooling water temperature 15 - 35°C
Electrical supply 200/208 V, 50/60 Hz 3-phase
Power at ultimate 1.4 kW
Rated motor power 3.0 kW
TIM None
Weight 45.2 kg


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Edwards EPX500LE 208V Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - NEW

A41953012 / A419-53-012  EPX500LE  208V No TIM 3/8 water connector
A41953014 / A419-53-014  EPX500LE  400V No TIM 3/8 water connectors
A41953312 / A419-53-312  EPX500LE  208V E73 TIM 3/8 water connector
A41953412 / A419-53-412  EPX500LE  208V TEL TIM 3/8 water connector
A41953712 / A419-53-712  EPX500LE  208V MCM TIM 3/8 water connector
A40902977 / A409-02-977  IPX100
A40902973 / A409-02-973  IPX100
A40904977 / A409-04-977  IPX100A
A40904973 / A409-04-973  IPX100A
A40924977 / A409-24-977  IPX180A
A40924973 / A409-24-973  IPX180A
A40914977 / A409-14-977  IPX500A
A40914973 / A409-14-973  IPX500A