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Manufacturer Part Number: A70574908
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Edwards GV600 DRYSTAR Industrial Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

The DRYSTAR® GV80 – 600M range is based on the well proven Edwards reverse claw mechanism reaching a peak speed of 560 m3h-1 / 330 ft3min-1. The reverse claw mechanism results in short gas paths within the operating mechanism, providing the ability to handle large amounts of dust and water vapor, when compared to oil sealed pumps, without deterioration of performance. The GV range is able to handle large amounts of dust and water vapor with little or no effect on performance. Advantages to this include:

  • Low cost of ownership in harsh conditions
  • High reliability – dry mechanism proven in 100,000 installations
  • Oil free mechanism – reduced maintenance
  • Higher dust and water vapor tolerance
  • Accessories to optimize pump performance to process variables
  • Fast pump down with Edwards hydrokinetic drive booster pumps.

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Construction 3 claw + 1 roots
Displacement 793 m3h-1 / 467 ft3min-1
Pumping speed* 560 m3h-1** / 330 ft3min-1**
Ultimate pressure < 0.05 mbar / < 0.0375 Torr
Power consumption at 10 mbar / 7.5 Torr     7 Kw / 9.4 hp
Motor Rating 22.5 kW / 30 hp
Cooling-water flow at 20°C 5.5 l min-1 / 1.43 gal min-1
Seal purge (dry air) < 22 l min-1 @ 0.4 bar / < 0.6 ft-3 @ 6 psig
Noise level 80 dB(A)
Inlet connection ISO100
Outlet connection ISO63
Weight 950 kg / 2,100 lbs
Gear box oil capacity 1.6 liter / 0.42 gal
Electrical supply 380/415V 50 Hz 3 ph


* Measured in accordance with Pneurop 6602 at 40°C

** GV600 @ 1 mbar 

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Edwards GV600 DRYSTAR Industrial Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

A70574900 / A705-74-900  GV600  380/415V 50Hz
A70574908 / A705-74-908  GV600  230/460V 60Hz
A70574985 / A705-74-985  GV600  bareshaft 50Hz
A70574986 / A705-74-986  GV600  bareshaft 60Hz
A70575985 / A705-75-985  GV600F  bareshaft 50Hz
A70575986 / A705-75-986  GV600F  bareshaft 60Hz
A70574908 / A705-74-908  GV600M  460V 3-phase 60Hz