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Edwards GVI 100P ISO-100 Vacuum Gate Valve - REBUILT

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Edwards GVI 100P ISO-100 Vacuum Gate Valve - REBUILT
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Edwards GVI 100P DN ISO-100 Vacuum Gate Valve - REBUILT

The Edwards GV range of stainless steel bellows sealed gate valves are designed for applications requiring overall leak tightness and a minimum of hydrocarbon in the residual atmosphere. These superior quality valves offer high vacuum integrity coupled with maximum conductance.

The stainless steel valve bodies are vacuum brazed, a special process which includes a bakeout at 1,100°C. This eliminates any possibility of virtual leaks and ensures a product with low outgassing characteristics. A laser welded stainless steel bellows effectively seals the actuator from the valve. The concept provides ease of servicing and allows the gate and linkage mechanism to be removed while the valve remains in situ.

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Pressure range 10-9 mbar to 1 bar (absolute)
  8 x 10-10 - 750 Torr
Leak rate < 10-9 mbar l s-1
  8 x 10-10 Torr l s-1
Maximum differential pressure on the valve plate 1 bar / 750 Torr in either direction
Maximum differential pressure on the valve plate at opening     20 mbar / 15 Torr
Material of construction  
Body, valve plate AISI 304 stainless steel
Mechanism AISI 304 stainless steel,
Bearings Hardened high carbon chrome steel
Circlips SS PH 15-7 Mo
Bellows AM 350 stainless steel
Seals, valve plate Fluoroelastomer
Metal sealed valves OFHC
Other valves Fluoroelastomer
Bakeout temperature  
Valve body, valve open 150°C (fluoroelastomer bonnet seal)
Valve body, valve open 250°C (metal bonnet seal)
Valve closed 200°C
Actuator, manual 200°C
Average life until first service* 100,000 closures
Mounting position Any orientation
Flange bore 100 mm
  4 in
Conductance in high vacuum 2,000 l s-1
Approx weight 15 kg


*Dependent on the vacuum environment and the opening and closing speed.

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Edwards GVI 100P DN ISO-100 Vacuum Gate Valve - REBUILT

N03933800  GVI080  manual operation, ISO-80
U30002092  GVI080  pneumatic operation, ISO-80
B65354000  GVI100  pneumatic operation, ISO-100, reed switch
B65454000  GVI160  pneumatic operation, ISO-160, reed switch
B65254000  GVI063  pneumatic operation, ISO-63, reed switch
B65001000  GVI040  manual operation, NW40
B65051000  GVI040  pneumatic operation, NW40
B65101000  GVI050  manual operation, NW50
B65151000  GVI050  pneumatic operation, NW50
B65201000  GVI063  manual operation, ISO-63
B65251000  GVI063  pneumatic operation, ISO-63
B65301000  GVI100  manual operation, ISO-100
B65351000  GVI100  pneumatic operation, ISO-100
B65401000  GVI160  manual operation, ISO-160
B65451000  GVI160  pneumatic operation, ISO-160
B65501000  GVI200  manual operation, ISO-200
B65551000  GVI200  pneumatic operation, ISO-200
B65601000  GVI250  manual operation, ISO-250
B65651000  GVI250  pneumatic operation, ISO-250
B65701000  GVI320  manual operation, ISO-320
B65751000  GVI320  pneumatic operation, ISO-320