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Edwards iQDP80 - REBUILT

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Price: $6,925.00
Edwards iQDP80 - REBUILT
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Edwards iQDP80 - REBUILT

Edwards iQDP80 Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

Rebuilt with a one year warranty. Sound enclosure panels, various nitrogen purge configurations and other features can be provided per quote.

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Specifications iQDP40 / QDP40 / DP40 iQDP80 / QDP80 / DP80
60 Hz
Peak speed
    m3h-1 55 96
    cfm 32 56.4
    m3h-1 62 110
    cfm 36.7 64.7
Ultimate vacuum
    mbar 3 x 10-2 1 x 10-2
    Torr 2 x 10-2 8 x 10-3
Inlet connection ISO 40 bolted ISO 63 bolted
Outlet connection NW 40 NW 40
Power input @ vacuum (kW) 1.3 3.1
Motor power (kW) 2.2 4.0
Weight (kg) 186 216


TIM Tool interface and communications modules (iH/iL series) for enhanced control through the process tool and connection to PC-based Fabworks software which monitors and logs data from up to 1,000 devices including pumps and exhaust management systems; and a pump display module for monitoring and manual operation of the iL series. Edwards has also developed the TIM Tool Interface Module to connect semiconductor dry pump systems to all existing and new semiconductor tools.

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Edwards iQDP80 Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

IQ2100204 / IQ21-00-204  iQDP80  HAR WFS 208V 60Hz 3-phase
IQ2100004 / IQ21-00-004  iQDP80  HAR 208V 60Hz 3-phase
IQ6120004 / IQ61-20-004  iQDP80/500  HAR DM 208V 60Hz
IQ7140404 / IQ71-40-404  iQDP80/1200  HAR FM OLM H2O 208V 60Hz