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Edwards iXH1210H - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: AC3A06122200
Edwards iXH1210H - REBUILT
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Edwards iXH1210H - REBUILT

Edwards iXH1210H Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

Features include:

  • More process capability
  • Greatly increased powder handling capability and innova ve Gas BusterTM technology
  • Wide temperature range allows optimisation of pump to minimise by-product accumulation from condensation
  • Innovative pump seal technology to lengthen process life and reduce leakage risks
  • High capacity dry pumps and boosters give an expanded process window to enhance yields
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • 10% less energy consump on than the previous model
  • SEMI® E54 compatible and Green Mode capable
  • Longer overhaul intervals and less unscheduled down me
  • Complies with key interna onal standards including UL, CE and S2
  • Greatly increased hydrogen pumping speed for advanced EPI and solar processes
  • Smaller footprint and lower height for ease of fi ng in any fab

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Dry pump size 100 m3/h
Booster size 1,200 m3/h
Peak speed 1,065 m3/h
Ultimate vac (typical)     3.7 x 10-3 Torr
System power at ult. 3.9 kW
Inlet connection ISO 100
Outlet connection NW 40
Typical water flow 4.2 l/m
Purge flow range 22/44/60 slm
Weight 413 kg

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Edwards iXH1210H Semiconductor Dry Vacuum Pump 480V - REBUILT

AC3A06122200  iXH1210  200-230V 50/60Hz
AC310A121200  iXH1210  200-230V 50/60Hz (MM44)
NRY433000  iXH1210 480V 50/60Hz

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