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Edwards nHT10 - NEW

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Edwards nHT10 - NEW
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Edwards nHT10 - NEW

Edwards nHT10 Vapour Diffusion Vacuum Pump - NEW

Edwards nHT series diffusion pumps provide stable high throughput vacuum performance. Designed for optimum energy efficiency, flexibility and low maintenance, the nHT series is the ideal solution for a variety of demanding industrial applications.

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Inlet 10 in ANSI 320 ISO-K
Backing connection 2 in ANSI 63 ISO-K
Pumping speed
    N2 3,000 l/s-1
    H2 4,500 l/s-1
    Ar 2,750 l/s-1
Gas Throughput 8 mbar l/s
Operating range 10-1 to 10-7
Ultimate pressure (Edwards 704) < 5 x 10-7 mbar
Critical backing pressure (Edwards 704) 5 x 10-1 mbar
Heating power 3.6 kW
Heating cartridges 3
Warm-up period Less than 15 minutes
Weight 105 kg
Recommended oil Edwards 704
Oil 3.0 - 4.0 l
Recommended holding pump E2M40
Recommended backing pump E2M80, GV80


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Edwards nHT10 Vapour Diffusion Vacuum Pump - NEW

B31130400 / B311-30-400  nHT10  ANSI 380-415V, 230V
B31132400 / B311-32-400  nHT10  ISO 380-415V, 230V
B31130460 / B311-30-460  nHT10  ANSI 440-480V, 230V
B31132460 / B311-32-460  nHT10  ISO 440-480V, 230V