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Edwards QMB-500 - REBUILT

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Manufacturer Part Number: A30286905
Price: $3,950.00
Edwards QMB-500 - REBUILT
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Edwards QMB-500 - REBUILT

Edwards QMB-500 Mechanical Vacuum Blower - REBUILT

Rebuilt with one year warranty. View our inventory of Edwards blowers.

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Edwards QMB-500

Mass 78 kg
Minimum cooling water flow 75 l/h-1
Oil capacity
    Coupling cover 1.5 l
    Shaft seal reservoir 0.125 l
Rotational speed
    50 Hz 2,900 r/min-1
    60 Hz 3,500
Ultimate pressure w/out gas ballast, permanent gases 8 x 10-4 / 8 x 10-2 Pa
Pressure differential across pump determined by the hydrokinetic drive     110 mbar / 1.8 x 10-4 Pa
Recommended backing-pump QDP40 or QDP80
Vacuum connections
    Inlet connection ISO100 bolted
    Outlet connection ISO63 bolted
Cooling water connections
    Inlet (BSP) 3/8 inch male
    Outlet (BSP) 3/8 inch female
Noise level 66 dB(A)

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Edwards QMB-500 Mechanical Vacuum Blower - REBUILT

A30286905 / A302-86-905  QMB500FX  208V 60Hz