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Edwards STP-iXA3306C - NEW

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Edwards STP-iXA3306C - NEW
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Edwards STP-iXA3306C - NEW

Edwards STP-iXA3306C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

The STP-iXA3306 series magnetically levitated turbomolecular pump provides industry-leading performance and incorporates a small power supply into the onboard control unit – the latest technology of the well-established STPiXA3305 series.

The height of the pump is equal to the STP-XA2703/XA3203 and is also equal to the height of the STP-iXA3305 series without its power supply (iPS-1200). This fully integrated product offers easy installation and a small footprint as an all-in-one solution for all application tools.

  • Compact design including a fully integrated controller
  • Innovative, self-sensing magnetic bearing system
  • Digital 5-axis control
  • Vibration levels reduced by 50% compared to the existing turbo pumps
  • Can be configured to run corrosive processes

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Inlet flange VG-250
Backing port size KF-40
Purge port KF-10
Pumping speed
    N2 2,650 l/s-1
    H2 2,300 l/s-1
Compression ratio
    N2 > 108
    H2 2 x 103
Ultimate pressure  10-7 Pa
Max. allowable backing pressure     266 Pa
Max. allowable gas flow
    N2 (water cooled) 4,000 sccm (6.76 Pam3s-1)
    Ar (water cooled) 2,100 sccm (3.55 Pam3s-1)
Rated speed 27,700 rpm
Starting time < 10 min
Mounting position Any
Water cooling flow 3 l/min-1
Water cooling temperature 5 - 25°C
Pressure 0.3 MPa
Recommended purge gas flow 50 sccm
Input voltage 200 to 240 VAC
Power consumption 1.5 kVA
Pump weight 80 kg

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Edwards STP-iXA3306C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - NEW

P/N YT82-0Z-020 / YT820Z020  STP-iXA3306C  ISO-250F
P/N YT82-0Z-030 / YT820Z030  STP-iXA3306C  VG-250
P/N YT82-0Z-040 / YT820Z040  STP-iXA3306C  ISO-320F
    YT82-0Z-050 / YT820Z050  STP-iXA3306C  VG-300
    YT82-0Z-060 / YT820Z060  STP-iXA3306C  ISO-250F Profibus
    YT82-0Z-070 / YT820Z070  STP-iXA3306C  ISO-320F Profibus