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Edwards STP-XA2703C - REBUILT

Manufacturer Part Number: PT66-0Z-210
Price: $19,000.00
Edwards STP-XA2703C - REBUILT
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Edwards STP-XA2703C - REBUILT

Edwards Seiko Seiki STP-XA2703C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

An STP pump can be installed in any orientation and operate by remote control. If any rotor imbalance occurs (by deposition of process by-products, for example) sensors detect changes in its motion and compensate the magnetic fields accordingly. There are backup precision mechanical bearings to protect the pump in the event of a total disruption of magnetic suspension or a sudden massive air inrush that overcomes the magnetic bearing stiffness.

Model names ending in a C are corrosion-resistant, with nickel-coated rotors and stators and a nitrogen purge port. Ones with a prefix of H or A are high throughput pumps incorporating a hybrid pumping mechanism for higher gas flow. These are optimized for processes such as plasma etch. We also offer repair service.

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BOC Edwards STP Series Generic Instruction Manual

Digital Manual

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Edwards Seiko Seiki STP-XA2703C Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump - REBUILT

P/N PT66-0Z-210 / PT660Z210  STP-XA2703C  M0W9250