T-Station 85 - NEW

The T-Station 85 turbomolecular pumping station seamlessly combines an nEXT85H turbomolecular pump with either a dry diaphragm pump or oil sealed backing pump and a simple controller, providing pumping speeds of 47 l/s to 84 l/s-1.

The T-Station 85 comes with an integrated Turbo and Active Gauge controller which enables single button start/stop of the system, the ability to control one of our active gauges*, vent valve* control and delayed start of the turbomolecular pump to either time or pressure if a gauge is fitted, making the T-Station 85 ideal for general laboratory needs.

Edwards nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations are configurable with turbomolecular pump speeds ranging from 42 to 400 l/s-1 and a choice of oil sealed or dry backing pumps ranging from 1 to 20 m3h-1. All our nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations feature an integrated TIC turbo and instrument controllers offering full control of the package via a simple intuitive interface.