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Bearings are isolated from the vacuum environment by a the XDS bearing shield. Uniquely, there are no bearings, bearings purges, grease or oil under vacuum. Controllable gas ballast is standard and makes the XDS suitable for pumping condensed vapors.

XDS vibration and noise levels make it ideal for laboratory use. Typically, annual maintenance can be completed in about 10 minutes without special tools.


The Edwards scroll dry pump, ESDP comes in two sizes named 12 and 3. The GVSP is the newer version. Either version is easy to install with no oil changes, no filter or foreline trap replacement and no oil waste disposal and there is little routine maintenance with a year between services. We also offer repair service.

One year warranty on all Edwards scroll pumps. The warranty does not cover tip seal maintenance. For example, per OEM specs, scroll pump tip seals must be replaced every 8,000 hours, or slightly less than 11 months, to maintain good base pressure.

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