VAT Gate Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Vacuum Gate Valve Repair Service    
Series     Valve Description
010 Mini UHV gate valve universal application
012 Mini vacuum gate valve     low cost gate valve in small diameters
08 Insertable gate valve thin valve, direct integration between DIN flanges
09 HV gate valve for very contaminating processes
10 UHV gate valve the standard for UHV applications, free of lubricants
12 Vacuum gate valve the standard for vacuum applications
14 HV gate valve the standard for HV applications
15 Low particle gate valve for vacuum systems requiring extremely low particle count
19 Large gate valves from DN 400 mm / 16" diameter
20 Vatterfly valve compact alternative to gate valves
48 All-metal gate valve for extreme UHV or aggressive media


Scope of Work

PTB Sales will perform the following:

  • External Inspection
    • Verify correct valve per order
    • Any missing external parts identified
    • Check for external damage and scratched flanges
    • Note any missing solenoids or other accessories
    • Preliminary operation check
  • Disassembly & Inspection
    • Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of internal parts and valve body
    • Sealing surfaces checked for smoothness
    • Required new parts identified
  • Assembly
    • Sealing surfaces repaired as necessary
    • Valve assembled with new gate and bonnet seals and required new parts
  • Testing
    • Valve operated through several cycles and adjusted as required
    • Helium leak test to verify no leaks
  • Final Inspection
    • Valve appearance checked
    • Correct valve configuration per order confirmed
    • Package valve and ship

We stock and provide repair service for VAT gate valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

(LM = position indicator, SV = solenoid)

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV): PE11, CE11, UE11, TE11, JE11, PE12, CE12, UE12, TE12, JE12, PE14, CE14, UE14, TE14, JE14

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV, bakeable): PE15, CE15, UE15, TE15, JE15

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV): PE21, CE21, UE21, TE21, JE21, PE22, CE22, UE22, TE22, JE22, PE24, CE24, UE24, TE24, JE24, PE28, CE28, UE28, TE28, JE28

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV, bakeable): PE25, CE25, UE25, TE25, JE25, PE27, CE27, UE27, TE27, JE27

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/ SV): PE31, CE31, UE31, TE31, JE31, PE32, CE32, UE32, TE32, JE32, PE34, CE34, UE34, TE34, JE34

Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/ SV): PE41, CE41, UE41, TE41, JE41, PE42, CE42, UE42, TE42, JE42, PE43, CE43, UE43, TE43, JE43, PE44, CE44, UE44, TE44, JE44, PE48, CE48, UE48, TE48, JE48

Pneumatic Actuator: 14036-PE44, 14040-PE44, 14044-PE44, 14046-PE44, 14048-PE44, 14050-PE44, 14052-PE44, 14036-CE44, 14040-CE44, 14044-CE44, 14046-CE44, 14048-CE44, 14036-UE44, 14040-UE44, 14044-UE44, 14046-UE44, 14048-UE44, 14036-TE44, 14040-TE44, 14044-TE44, 14046-TE44, 14048-TE44, 14050-TE44, 14052-AE44, 14036-JE44, 14040-JE44, 14044-JE44, 14046-JE44, 14048-JE44, 14050-JE44, 14052-JE44, 14036-PE24, 14040-PE24, 14044-PE24, 14046-PE24, 14048-PE24, 14050-PE24, 14052-PE24, 14036-CE24, 14040-CE24, 14044-CE24, 14046-CE24, 14048-CE24, 14036-UE24, 14040-UE24, 14044-UE24, 14046-UE24, 14048-UE24, 14036-TE24, 14040-TE24, 14044-TE24, 14046-TE24, 14048-TE24, 14050-TE24, 14052-AE24, 14036-JE24, 14040-JE24, 14044-JE24, 14046-JE24, 14048-JE24, 14050-JE24, 14052-JE24, 14036-PE14, 14040-PE14, 14044-PE14, 14046-PE14, 14048-PE14, 14050-PE14, 14052-PE14, 14036-CE14, 14040-CE14, 14044-CE14, 14046-CE14, 14048-CE14, 14036-UE14, 14040-UE14, 14044-UE14, 14046-UE14, 14048-UE14, 14036-TE14, 14040-TE14, 14044-TE14, 14046-TE14, 14048-TE14, 14050-TE14, 14052-AE14, 14036-JE14, 14040-JE14, 14044-JE14, 14046-JE14, 14048-JE14, 14050-JE14, 14052-JE14

Manual Actuator: 14036-PE06, 14040-PE06, 14044-PE06, 14046-PE06, 14048-PE06, 14050-PE06, 14052-PE01, 14036-CE06, 14040-CE06, 14044-CE06, 14046-CE06, 14048-CE06, 14036-UE06, 14040-UE06, 14044-UE06, 14046-UE06, 14048-UE06, 14036-TE06, 14040-TE06, 14044-TE06, 14046-TE06, 14048-TE06, 14050-TE06, 14052-AE01, 14036-JE06, 14040-JE06, 14044-JE06, 14046-JE06, 14048-JE06, 14050-JE06, 14052-JE01, 14036-PE08, 14040-PE08, 14044-PE08, 14046-PE08, 14048-PE08, 14050-PE08, 14052-PE08, 14036-CE08, 14040-CE08, 14044-CE08, 14046-CE08, 14048-CE08, 14036-UE08, 14040-UE08, 14044-UE08, 14046-UE08, 14048-UE08, 14036-TE08, 14040-TE08, 14044-TE08, 14046-TE08, 14048-TE08, 14050-TE08, 14052-AE08, 14036-JE08, 14040-JE08, 14044-JE08, 14046-JE08, 14048-JE08, 14050-JE08, 14052-JE08

AC Motor: 14036-PE53, 14040-PE53, 14044-PE53, 14046-PE53, 14048-PE53, 14050-PE53, 14052-PE53, 14036-CE53, 14040-CE53, 14044-CE53, 14046-CE53, 14048-CE53, 14036-UE53, 14040-UE53, 14044-UE53, 14046-UE53, 14048-UE53, 14036-TE53, 14040-TE53, 14044-TE53, 14046-TE53, 14048-TE53, 14050-TE53, 14052-AE53, 14036-JE53, 14040-JE53, 14044-JE53, 14046-JE53, 14048-JE53, 14050-JE53, 14052-JE53