VAT Gate Vacuum Valves - REPAIR SERVICE

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Series Valve Description
010 Mini UHV gate valve universal application
012 Mini vacuum gate valve low cost gate valve in small diameters
08 Insertable gate valve thin valve, direct integration between DIN flanges
09 HV gate valve for very contaminating processes
10 UHV gate valve the standard for UHV applications, free of lubricants
12 Vacuum gate valve the standard for vacuum applications
14 HV gate valve the standard for HV applications
15 Low particle gate valve for vacuum systems requiring extremely low particle count
19 Large gate valves from DN 400 mm / 16" diameter
20 Vatterfly valve compact alternative to gate valves
48 All-metal gate valve for extreme UHV or aggressive media

We stock and provide repair service for VAT gate valves. Here are some of the common models of this series:

(LM = position indicator, SV = solenoid)

Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV)
PE11 CE11 UE11 TE11 JE11
PE12 CE12 UE12 TE12 JE12
PE14 CE14 UE14 TE14 JE14
Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/out SV, bakeable)
PE15 CE15 UE15 TE15 JE15
Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV)
PE21 CE21 UE21 TE21 JE21
PE22 CE22 UE22 TE22 JE22
PE24 CE24 UE24 TE24 JE24
PE28 CE28 UE28 TE28 JE28
Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/out SV, bakeable)
PE25 CE25 UE25 TE25 JE25
PE27 CE27 UE27 TE27 JE27
Pneumatic Actuator (w/out LM, w/ SV)
PE31 CE31 UE31 TE31 JE31
PE32 CE32 UE32 TE32 JE32
PE34 CE34 UE34 TE34 JE34
Pneumatic Actuator (w/ LM, w/ SV)
PE41 CE41 UE41 TE41 JE41
PE42 CE42 UE42 TE42 JE42
PE43 CE43 UE43 TE43 JE43
PE44 CE44 UE44 TE44 JE44
PE48 CE48 UE48 TE48 JE48
Pneumatic Actuator
14036-PE44 14040-PE44 14044-PE44 14046-PE44
14048-PE44 14050-PE44 14052-PE44 14036-CE44
14040-CE44 14044-CE44 14046-CE44 14048-CE44
14036-UE44 14040-UE44 14044-UE44 14046-UE44
14048-UE44 14036-TE44 14040-TE44 14044-TE44
14046-TE44 14048-TE44 14050-TE44 14052-AE44
14036-JE44 14040-JE44 14044-JE44 14046-JE44
14048-JE44 14050-JE44 14052-JE44 14036-PE24
14040-PE24 14044-PE24 14046-PE24 14048-PE24
14050-PE24 14052-PE24 14036-CE24 14040-CE24
14044-CE24 14046-CE24 14048-CE24 14036-UE24
14040-UE24 14044-UE24 14046-UE24 14048-UE24
14036-TE24 14040-TE24 14044-TE24 14046-TE24
14048-TE24 14050-TE24 14052-AE24 14036-JE24
14040-JE24 14044-JE24 14046-JE24 14048-JE24
14050-JE24 14052-JE24 14036-PE14 14040-PE14
14044-PE14 14046-PE14 14048-PE14 14050-PE14
14052-PE14 14036-CE14 14040-CE14 14044-CE14
14046-CE14 14048-CE14 14036-UE14 14040-UE14
14044-UE14 14046-UE14 14048-UE14 14036-TE14
14040-TE14 14044-TE14 14046-TE14 14048-TE14
14050-TE14 14052-AE14 14036-JE14 14040-JE14
14044-JE14 14046-JE14 14048-JE14 14050-JE14
Manual Actuator
14036-PE06 14040-PE06 14044-PE06 14046-PE06
14048-PE06 14050-PE06 14052-PE01 14036-CE06
14040-CE06 14044-CE06 14046-CE06 14048-CE06
14036-UE06 14040-UE06 14044-UE06 14046-UE06
14048-UE06 14036-TE06 14040-TE06 14044-TE06
14046-TE06 14048-TE06 14050-TE06 14052-AE01
14036-JE06 14040-JE06 14044-JE06 14046-JE06
14048-JE06 14050-JE06 14052-JE01 14036-PE08
14040-PE08 14044-PE08 14046-PE08 14048-PE08
14050-PE08 14052-PE08 14036-CE08 14040-CE08
14044-CE08 14046-CE08 14048-CE08 14036-UE08
14040-UE08 14044-UE08 14046-UE08 14048-UE08
14036-TE08 14040-TE08 14044-TE08 14046-TE08
14048-TE08 14050-TE08 14052-AE08 14036-JE08
14040-JE08 14044-JE08 14046-JE08 14048-JE08
14050-JE08 14052-JE08
AC Motor
14036-PE53 14040-PE53 14044-PE53 14046-PE53
14048-PE53 14050-PE53 14052-PE53 14036-CE53
14040-CE53 14044-CE53 14046-CE53 14048-CE53
14036-UE53 14040-UE53 14044-UE53 14046-UE53
14048-UE53 14036-TE53 14040-TE53 14044-TE53
14046-TE53 14048-TE53 14050-TE53 14052-AE53
14036-JE53 14040-JE53 14044-JE53 14046-JE53
14048-JE53 14050-JE53 14052-JE53