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Genmark GENCOBOT GB7S Wafer Handling Robot

Price: $3,500.00
Genmark GENCOBOT GB7S Wafer Handling Robot
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Genmark Automation GENCOBOT GB7S Wafer Handling Robot

The GB7S Robot System employs Genmark’s breakthrough and patented GPR™ Technology to achieve the highest level of performance currently available in an automated wafer handler which is capable of handling up to 450mm diameter wafers. The patented GPR technology enables the servo-controlled robot to interface compliantly and intelligently with misaligned cassettes, FOUPS and process modules, as well as provide software-controlled end-effector deflection compensation during transport of heavier payloads.

The unique and patented YAW technology feature of the GPR-GB7S Robot System enables it to access in-line process modules, FOUPS and cassettes from a fixed centralized location, and eliminates the need for radial placement of process and other stations around the robot. The GB7 Robot System can have various arm configurations to accommodate a wide range of SMIF/cassettes front-end layouts.

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Arm configurations 5.25" - 5.25", 8" - 8", 4" - 8" - 4", 6" - 12" - 6"
Maximum reach Three-Link Arm (6" - 12" - 6") 48", Three-Link Arm (4" - 8" - 4") 32", Two-Link Arm (8" - 8") 32", Two-Link Arm (5.25" - 5.25") 21"
Maximum vertical stroke 8", 12.5", 17", 20"
Maximum velocity T = 800°/sec, R = 100"/sec, Z = 20"/sec, If equipped with Y and Y2 end-effector: Y = 1,500°/sec, Y2 = 1,500°/sec
Maximum acceleration T = 2,500°/sec2, R = 200"/sec2, Z = 40"/sec2, If equipped with Y and Y2 end-effector: Y = 2,500°/sec2, Y2 = 2,500°/sec2
Minimum work envelope     (Equipped with 6" - 12" - 6" arm and 9.5" end-effector) 200mm wafer: D = 18", 300mm wafer: D = 20"
Max wafer size 300mm
Robot weight 75 lbs.
Payload capacity 2.5 lbs.

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Genmark Automation GENCOBOT GB7S Wafer Handling Robot