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Genmark Automation SMALL SMC Robot Motion Controller

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Manufacturer Part Number: 990010661A1

Genmark Automation SMALL SMC Robot Motion Controller

  • Control of versatile robotic structures, including "yaw", "pitch" and "roll" motion capabilities
  • S-curve velocity profiling, based on polynomial splines and Bernstein-Bezier curves
  • Continuous path control in multi-segment smooth trajectories
  • Synchronization of multiple axes
  • Trajectory control with user defined velocity profiles
  • Kinematical modeling of open and closed loop mechanisms
  • Singularity consistent path planning and singularity avoidance
  • Optimal PID filter tuning
  • Automatic adjustment with respect to the surrounding equipment (cassettes, process stations, etc.)
  • Tilting capabilities in terms of the end-effector frame
  • Compensation for deflection of the end effector, the manipulated object and geometric in accuracies of the arm scanning and aligning features
  • Wafer mapping based on through-beam or reflective sensors
  • Automatic detection of the planarity and the center of wafers and FPD
  • Non contact FPD aligning. Misalignment compensation on the fly Safety
  • Programmable travel limits
  • Position tracking error detection
  • Amplifier overload protection
  • Emergency stop

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Genmark Automation SMALL SMC Robot Motion Controller

980010661A1  SMC2792
980010661A1  SMC2795
980010661A1  SMC3288
980010661A1  SM00153
980010661A1  SM00177
990010661A1  X5377
S08R5GP      X3950
990010661A1  X5208  S08R5GP.D

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