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GreenChip Services Case Studies

Contact us to inquire as to how we can work with you today to set up the GreenChipSM Service Program that is right for you. Read through these three current GreenChipSM studies.

Case Study 1: Advanced Exchange & Service Levels

An international customer was experiencing increasing loss of sales to competitors for refurbished equipment sales and repairs due to sourcing time and shipping time from multiple suppliers of cores and refurbished equipment.

This customer was certain they could outperform their competition if they could overcome these delays.

PTB worked closely with the customer to understand the market needs they had for both cryogenic vacuum pumps and associated compressors as well as RF generators and DC power supplies.

In the past the customer had sourced from PTB as well as other suppliers and there was both quality and delivery variance as a result, impacting the end users.

We established an advanced exchange program with this customer that allowed them to forecast their future demand with PTB as the sole supplier and have the needed equipment staged and ready to serve the end user customer creating market differentiated cycle times.

Multiyear result of this program has allowed the customer to double its sales of vacuum equipment and service as a result of the both the creative support and high quality service provided by PTB.

Case Study 2: Consignment & Logistics Management

Existing cryopump and compressor repair customer was experiencing a significant increase in production volume and needed a solution that went beyond transactional repair of their core units.

This problem affected three different manufacturing facilities and was causing unwanted down time resulting from no spares stock and the typical repair cycle time.

The added expense of buying more spare units from the OEM was not attractive.

PTB assessed the needs of this customer and proposed a GreenChipSM Program that would minimize their time loss and remove their need to expend valuable funds to purchase spares.

We implemented a multi-site consignment and logistics management program where PTB manages the entire cryopump and compressor repair loop for the installed base at all three sites.

In this program we rapidly filled their minimum stocking levels and also added significant material beyond this as a safety buffer.

Following a multi year support agreement that was executed successfully, PTB sales has now extended it’s support of this customer to include it’s international facilities as well.

Case Study 3: Installed Base Audits

A customer with a large installed base was experiencing quality and service level variance costing them both significant amounts of time and money based on a historical vacuum pump reactive support approach.

The customer managed the repair and maintenance of their equipment in a decentralized manner by manufacturing section and different facility.

The customer had tried support from both the vacuum equipment OEMs as well as other independent providers and was unsatisfied with levels of support, pricing and responsiveness.

This created a situation where there was a lack of accuracy in understanding the exact pump installed base models and locations and significant variance in support levels as well as quality, net effect was a much higher than needed maintenance cost for vacuum equipment.

PTB performed a thorough audit at multiple sites for this customer and developed a comprehensive and robust GreenChipSM program providing maintenance and spares stocking recommendations for the vacuum pump installed base.

The result was centralized management of stocking levels allowing shared resources across multiple equipment lines. PTB works closely with tool owners to match age of pumps, life cycle repair recommendations and tool PM schedules to execute a proactive management of the vacuum installed base. Additionally, this approach greatly simplified the acquisition and cycle times for these repairs.