GreenChip Service Programs

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Expect the high quality, responsiveness, and attention to your needs that you would expect from a Blue Chip sized company, but with significantly better economic value, reducing your operating costs!

Since we recognize each customer is different, PTB's GreenChipSM Service Programs are highly customizable to fit the specific needs of your operating style and installed base.

GreenChip Service

You can incorporate, to name just a few options:





Our Goal: To take our “What YOU Need, When YOU Need It!” SM approach right into your site and to partner with you to deliver the same installed base services you could receive from an OEM, but at a much more reasonable cost to you!

PTB Sales uses the following approach to customize our GreenChipSM Service Programs to meet our customers needs:

  • We review with you the type of service option you need in the categories of repairs, consignment and technical support.
  • We evaluate the types of equipment needed for this service such as power supplies and turbos.
  • We assemble the service program that is right for you.

GreenChipSM Service Programs

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