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HVA 11211-1000X 12" OD CF

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HVA 11211-1000X 12" OD CF
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HVA 11211-1000X 12-inch OD CF

HVA 11211-1000X 12" OD CF Vacuum Gate Valve

The 11000 Series standard cycle gate valves are designed for high vacuum applications. These valves provide valving for cryopumps, turbo pumps, ion pumps and other applications requiring clean, low outgassing valves. Metal-sealed CF flanges provide compatibility with UHV systems when pressure ranges approximate 1 x 10-10 mbar and higher bakeout temperatures of 200°C are needed. These valves can also be configured for higher temperatures.

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HVA 11211-1000X 12" OD CF Vacuum Gate Valve
Rebuilt HVA Conflat Valves
Model I.D. O.D.
122-0400 4 6
125-0400 4 6
95-35569 6 8
21241-0600R 6 8
95-35980 8 10
124-0800 8 10
11211-1012R 8 10
11211-1000X 10 12
11225-1070R 10.75 13.25